My name is Alisha! I am 32 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world! This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

Let's Talk About January

CONTENT WARNING: Pet Loss, Details of Violence, Body Horror, Harassment, Trauma


First, let's begin with the tail end of December. I ended up with a nasty tooth infection. First week of January, I get the infected tooth pulled. Spent time down because of pain and not being able to eat much. A week later, long after I stopped my meds, I developed a mysterious hive outbreak that lasted a couple of days. Have no clue what triggered it, never happened again. It covered my ENTIRE body, even my face.

January 16th, 10:45pm:

Short version: my dog, Lily, and I get attacked by two pit bulls.

Details(read at your own risk):
It had snowed that day, my 3 dogs had not pottied outside due to it and my kid (9F) and I tried to take them out one last time so there wouldn't be overnight accidents. My kid stood at the top of the steps as I coaxed my dogs out into the enclosure I have for their potty area. After some time, two pit bulls ran into our yard and began trying to get into the fence. My dogs are going NUTS all over the place, I quickly scooped up the closest two dogs to me and ran inside to drop them in. My kid was trying to get our Lily (usually the quietest, sweetest, yet most cowardly dog out of the 3) to follow behind. I thought she did....I heard the dogs break through the fence and screamed "close the door!" That was when I heard my kid scream "LILY NO!" And I threw my kid behind me and slammed the door shut as I flew to get her. The two pits had her, playing tug of war as she screamed and screamed. I beat those dogs with my fists, stomped on their heads and ribs ANYTHING to get them to let go. I almost had her after a minute of wrestling them both (when one let go, the other clamped on). I had her in my arms as I climbed up the steps, but one of them grabbed her leg and since we were COVERED in mud, she slipped right out of my arms. I fought and screamed and fought for what felt like 3 minutes. No one came. I ran to the neighbors and banged on their door for help. Turns out, she was the owner. We fought and fought and fought for another few minutes when she said she was going to get her gun. I thought she was going to shoot them, but insteadshe shot every last bullet into either the air or ground like an idiot. We fought longer, and eventually she had them by the collar and I grabbed my Lily. We were safe inside at last. I had to wait for my partner to get home to take me to the hospital because I felt like I might have had broken fingers. I had bites all over my hands and a giant bite in my upper right arm. Luckily, no broken bones, no stitches needed, but I was put on morphine for pain and couldn'tuse my hands for several days. Lily, however, had serious injuries but we had no local vet hospital open 24 hours. She was covered in puncture wounds and had literal holes in her chest and groin. When we got to the vet, we were treated poorly as soon as we told them we didn't have 500 to secure her place in the vet. They charged us nearly 400 just to shave her fur around the injuries and clean them out. They did no ultrasound, no x-rays, didn't even stitch her up, nothing. They said she had a very good chance of survival.

Late January 17th:

Lily's health goes downhill. I called the vet and told them that her pain medication was not working and her urine was literally black. All they told us was to visit a local vet that could work with us financially first thing in the morning. After her 2nd dose of pain meds, it looked like it was a lost cause.

Early January 18th:

After 2 hours of the pain meds, Lily started to calm down. I had not got any sleep the last 28 hours, so I took the chance to take a nap. I woke up an hour later to my partner and I finding Lily had passed. It was the worst feeling in the world. Little did I know, she wasn't calming down, she was getting ready to pass. And I wasn't there with her. She was near me, but I wasn't close to her like I had been the entire day. We buried her in our yard that night.

A day later:

The neighbor decided to wait until I came home from work (almost 1am) and hopped into her mustang and began revving the engine nonstop. Ignored it for 15 minutes until we heard her screaming "Call the cops, I DARE YOU! Call the f*ing cops, I f*ing dare you!" Over and over. We called, they came out, she stopped. At 3:30am, she started again, this time immediately screaming the same thing until my partner opened the door and began recording. She screamed nasty stuff about me, him, OUR KID, and said it was OUR FAULT she had to put down her dogs (mind you, the night of the attack she begged the police officer to shoot them for her and claimed she was too afraid to come outside because of them etc), and that it's OUR FAULT she was HEAVILY fined (found out later that this wasn't a first offense of her dogs attacking people and other animals, plus killing a $7500 goat that the landlord owned). We got the police out, showed the video and she was given another ticket. They told us that they had to go in steps (warning, ticket, then arrest) with the type of calls they were. The next day, we hear gunshots, and that is when we confronted our landlord and we offered to let us move in a newly vacant house directly next to her.

Sometime last week:

We visited a lawyer for help, we have a case, but unfortunately we have to go through magistrate court and there is a huge chance that it can be drawn out for over 2 years and so we may not be able to pursue legally simply because of costs and there being a HIGH chance of never seeing any money we'd sue for anyway.

All last week and this week:

We had been moving in a hurry, but walking on eggshells due to the neighbor situation. We don't feel safe. All the while, I almost lost my dad in the hospital after his blood pressure tanked dangerously low. We are almost done moving though, so that's a positive.

January 30th, 5pm:

We are transitioning from one house to the next officially by moving our beds. We moved our kids bed first, since it was a twin. We return to get ours, a queen. We had just finished shoving a queen sized memory foam mattress into a tiny Toyota Yaris and I had went back inside to dismantle the bed frame. I struggled with a bolt and called my partner inside for help. My kid, however, had her own plans and decided not to follow him in like she was supposed to and found ice sitting in an overturn inflatable pool. She pulled it out and decided to pretend to be an ice skater. Mind you, all of this takes place in a span of 2 minutes. As soon as I began to loosen the bolt, we hear screaming. We ran outside and we are SO CONFUSED. Why is she on the ground staring up with ICE beneath her!? How did she even get it OUT!? It was 3 inches thick, 4 feet long and 2 feet wide, mind you. She is screaming and screaming and eventually tells us what happened and that she thinks she broke her arm. Now, my kid is wild, she has been to the ER over slipping on a piece of paper and spraining her ankle, in 2nd grade, she had to get 3 staples in the back of her head because she was dancing in gym and cracked it on the corner of the concrete wall, and she has fallen many times off her hover board, scooter, etc. And thought she broke something, but didn't. We lifted her up and unzipped her jacket. When we pulled her arm from the sleeve.... DEAR GOD HER FOREARM WAS BENT UPWARD. It was CLEARLY BROKEN. So we rushed her to the hospital and had to get it reset, slapped a temporary cast/splint on it, and told to follow up with orthopedics. It took forever to get a human, but she gets her real cast this Thursday.

So, how was everyone else's January?

2021 Secret Santa Wishlist!

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Existing Characters:

  • Prompto from FFXV
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  • Deet from Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

My OCs:

  • A cutesy Christmasy scene with Marina and Evan (Marina is more confident than Evan and he easily blushes around her)

Sorry for such a short list >.<

Challenge Update + Live Stream

Update: I got 5 more prompts complete! I will upload them later in the day <3

I just finished sketching all the missing days and today's prompt, and I plan on streaming me finishing them tonight at 10:30PM EST! So, if you want to watch, come on by!

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Secret Santa 2020 Wishlist

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Existing Characters:

  • Prompto from FFXV
  • Anything Hollow Knight
  • Lost Ember
  • Deet from Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

My OCs:


CW: Death

Hey all.

In the last 3 days, I have lost two family members suddenly. I am a mess.

My maternal aunt fell on the 2nd and was critically injured. She broke her hip, ribs, and collarbone. The worst injury was a massive brain bleed. The next morning (3rd), she was pronounced brain dead and that afternoon was removed from life support.

Earlier today (its 3am sat now), I received a message from another aunt. My paternal aunt also passed away earlier this afternoon. She was travelling with my uncle (he's a truck driver) and they stopped at a station. He went in the store and returned to her unresponsive. When the medics came, she was already dead. They are thinking it was a massive heart attack, but it is not confirmed just yet.

I received this news after getting confirmation of my first aunt's funeral times (which is sat morning). I am a blubbering mess. I'm under so much stress. I don't think I can handle much more...Please send some positivity my way. I need it.