What You Need To Know???

Heyy~~ I remember saying, “I will never, never, NEVER, NEVER EVEEEEER write a blog.” And what am I doing at this point at time? WRITING A MOTHER F-------Penguin? blog!! Can I swear on here? Well who knows, I’ll just keep replacing the words with other less….*GASP BAD WORD!* like.

Well anyway, here are five things about me that I think you readers out there should know about me. Heeeeeere they are:
Fact ONE!: I am NOT a fan artist! I mean I can draw, but its not that good, AND I can’t do any of the crazy PhotoShop thingy’s that I feel that you need to know how to do in order to be a good one. I can’t even crop a photo for freck sakes!!! So if I ever post art, they’re all horribly coloured, rough sketches.
Fact TWO!: I am a Writer, Author, Amateur Writer of Stories, That Chick Who Makes Stuff Up etc etc. I write fan fictions. Originals. But I am NOT NOT NOT NOT a poet. I can write stories but I can not write one in a rhythmical format to save my life. Nor am I a speller! That’s what spell check is for. I’m the girl who spelt “want” like “whant” for most of her life!
Fact THREE!: I go by the name Edward Aaronson. But that is not my real name. Why? Well One: I’m female. And Two: My mother did not think I was a boy when I was born. I think.
Fact FOUR!: Why is my World called ~~Midnigh.Snacks~~? Well to tell the truth, it has nothing to do with what I write/talk about. It just describes my meal habits. I eat SMALL and FREQUENT meals. Instead of three square meals a day I eat about 10 small meals a day. I’ll eat a sammich (sandwich for those of you who are too slow to figure it out) and wont be able to finish like the other half. Then like a half hour later I’m starving again.
Fact FIVE!: I live in Canada but originally hail from the UK. So I have a British/Canadian sense of humour, speak with an English accent and say “Eh!” Weird, eh?

Well that’s all I think you really need to know at the moment. I tried to capture myself in those five facts… Soooooo I guess to you peoples I am a “Canadian speaking British girl who writes and has weird eating habits and likes to call herself by a male’s name”??? Yeah that pretty much sums me up. Not really but you get it.