another peg in the wheel X3

hello there tis been quite a while since posting here.... sowie.... however i have been dragged from my laziness momentarily... and i have decided that i'm going to drop happiigo for the moment (i gots alittle bored) and start working on something new.... my new idea... a manga with a serious story... but with chibis and in yonkoma format! crazy no? time to see just how dark i can get it with cute lil chibis everywhere.... and also i had been thinking of doing some tutorials.... though i need help someone..... i haven't the slightest clue how to do this..... so pwease help me..... oh and anyone have any good sites for doujinshi not of the totaly perverted sort? not that i mind that kind of thing but... it gets bothersome after a while. well anyways, remember friends, eighteen manga a day keeps the doctor away, so go on and read read read!!!!!!!!! lucky star, karin, onidere, toradora, the familiar of zero, trigun, lupin III, ruroni kenshin, chobits, bleach, death note, gundam, code geass, naruto, bamboo blade, godchild, hanakimi, soul eater..... there just for example.... X3 well laterz.... *waves*