So, apparently the e-card God keeps deleting my information for my latest card so here's the entire thing in case it deletes it and I'm not around to fix it.

"this weight upon my shoulders
Crushing all my hopes is
Thirteen Times the Strength

of anything I've found on earth"

Promised you that I'd do this, and here's my first one! Spider-Man (Love~ love LOVE Andrew but this was too tempting)! I'm sorry, but... I have like... ten songs for Spidey today. But they're all so fitting! I'll thoroughly explain each.

1. Thirteen Times the Strength by A Silent Film: I chose this song to represent the burden of Spider-Man because he's not the man he thought he was and his burden is stronger than anything he's ever experienced in his life. Also the strength of his responsibility as his great power demands. It's truly a blessing and a curse to be Spidey.

2. Archers by Brand New: This one was chosen for the first few lines, the overall meaning of the song doesn't apply so much. This is based on Spider-Man 2 when he loses his powers and he can't remember why he fought in the first place. Then he imagines his Uncle Ben telling him his responsibilities and he realizes that he needs to fight for his own cause. This one is sort of half-assed but it fit.

3. Unbroken by Black Veil Brides: I know, this is an Avengers song, but Spidey is an Avenger, just not this time around. I picked this one thinking of Peter just before that space sludge molested him, saying that he won't walk away from what he stands for, he won't be unbroken, but he'll fall if he loses what matters, Mary-Jane. Then black suit Spider-Man is born and everything goes to s---.

4. Comeback by Redlight King: Another Avengers song? Sorry, this one was just too fitting to pass up. This was added to my soundtrack for it's overall meaning, when Spider-Man puts on the suit after his hiatus in Spider-Man 2 he makes a mother loving comeback of epic proportions. See, the beginning of the song even delves into his questions of himself: why he lost his powers, who he was fighting for, and why he started all this in first place. Overall, very Spidey song.

5. Every Day is Exactly the Same by Nine Inch Nails: Now, don't chew me out for this. I did this based on a very dark Spider-Man, if he ever existed. Saying that Peter lived every day half-living, wondering what the hell he was supposed to do, get beat up, chase after a girl who would never look his way, etc., etc., so this song represents that desperate need for him to make something of himself. Which he does by becoming Spider-Man.

6. The Little Things by Danny Elfman: I remember this one <3, this is perfect for Spider-Man 2. Right from the get-go of that movie we see how being Spider-Man has interrupted his life like a bad roommate. He accounted for saving people but he didn't account for the repercussions into his work and love life (more of Spider-Man 3 but whatever), so he never did consider the "little things".

7. The Reason by Hoobastank: This song just made me imagine Peter giving up Spider-Man, or the want to give up Spider-Man, so he could be with the girl he loves without fearing for her life. There's not much more than that besides the fact that every soundtrack needs a mushy love song.

8. From Out of Nowhere by Five Finger Death Punch: Last Avengers song, I swear. This song is for the comics! Him and Black Cat. True s---. It's based on the fact that she literally came out of nowhere each time she shows up because she fakes her death so many times. But she's still so beautiful that she messes with his mind, and she really does.

9. All the Same by Sick Puppies: More Black Cat! This one is more about their love for each other. Spider-Man will love her no matter what, and she just can't accept that sometimes. He knows that they can make it work, her thieving, his heroics, but she is never sure, and it's all the same to him.



Wanted to keep this one simple, the last one is going to be fun, gotta change a lot of levels. Yippey skip. This is my first challenge! I was having so much fun writing this I totally forgot! Like my new fonts? Dead Secretary is one of my favs. I'm so scatter brained, I'm sleep deprived, I'm sorry. I'm going to go now. SDSHSIKFNsflkWEP0RFQIIDNXD;$l3QFOTUDHCV BRRGSAEDAwetpw235i0fnfcoqjefpqdj-2035f 98thv98yt 84yw098xmdt034y5f6036y

Dedicated to Mrs. Hiddles.

xoxo, Momma Love