Update on Update

So I know I am past due on doing certain things, but let me tell ya, moving is not easy.

I won't go all the way into the weeds about it because I'm really tired and also lazy, but on top of taking a road trip and moving into my own place, I've had some more adulting to do.

With the state of the world being very unpredictable right now, the only constant that has remained is that a lot of things are on hold. This puts me in a spot where I'm sort of "waiting to start" on important things.
This puts me in a weird subspace between having a ton of free time and having to stay busy. Aside from doing my adulting, I've ended up just being really lethargic and not having the enthusiasm to actually start my projects.

I am LONG past due on my FLCL Week project, but I do have the notes and I just need to sit down and type it all out.

But a surprise project just popped up, and I do want to at least start it before I lose the buzz.

In other words, I am alive and well, but I'm also busy and not busy, which is the reason why I haven't done what I intended to do yet.

Hopefully I can share some cool stuff soon.