Decorating Cookies

ok, so today my mom want me and my siblings to go decorate cookies at her friend's house. i really dont like going over there. she is the only girl in the family. she has 4 sons, who can get really annoying

its not like i have a problem with going over there to decorate cookies i just really dont want to....if that makes any sense


ok, so i have this massive headache and i dont know wat to do!!!
it started earlier in the day, it just wont go away!!!
what do i do?

Lunch Seats

ok, today was really embarassing for me. ok, so at my school when u come u basically pick one seat to sit at for the rest of the year. and if ur a drifter ur doomed

well i have a seat, but it was taken by a drifter and my friends didnt say anything or do anything. so i ended up sitting with these two girls, who r absolutaly evil!!!

wow, i sound like such a brat. i dont mean to sound to sound spoiled, but it is my blog

Christmas Tree

well i just finished helping put up our Christmas tree
it was fun, but i didnt get to put any ornaments up, just the lights
i ending up being the one this year to put up all the decorations in my


for anyone who is reading this, well if anyone would read this. im new here and i wanted to see wat making a world was all about. since i made it on my itouch i really have no way of veiwing right now. so if it looks bad or plain, i just am really confused on how to adjust it ^ ^;