Losing Friends

ok, so idk if i had mentionded this before but one of my friends just recently left. well, left my school. he was supposed to go to paris, but ended up staying here, just not at my school.

We were best friends. we told each other everything. and he used to talk to me everyday and every chance that he got, but now its like we are complete strangers.

He wont respond to my texts, which he always does, im not exageratting. he wont respond to my calls either. and since i dont have a facebook, i asked my older sister to check if anything had happened to him, but he is fine.

And lately it feels as if im slowly but surely losing all my friends. its really scary for my considering the fact that i have very little friends.

What should i do? Im so confused.

Gumbo Night

Ok so, every year we have an event at my house called Gumbo Night. We invite a bunch of ppl over to our house, not just for the gumbo but for company. Me not being a ppl person and not likeing gumbo, hate gumbo night.

So, im going to try to escape to my room the whole night. wish me luck. this is considered a really big event for alot of ppl, and alot of ppl means a very limiteded amount of space.

My house is very very messy. So my mom had us clean it all, which is a complete and utter nightmare. Considering that i did alot, i am really tired and the last thing i want to do is converse with ppl that i dont even know.


hey everybody!!! its the last day of the year!! omg, i cant believe that it went by that fast ^ ^

well i hope that the next year brings all of u the best

Cant wait for the new year!!


and who said the world was gonna end!!!


ok, so i have to do this essay for an application but i have no idea how to start!!! i have to write about how me and a character from a book r alike and stuff. like a compare and contrast paper.....but idk how to start!!!

any advice?

So Srry

For anyone who reads this, so srry!! ive been at the hospitol with my grandfather for the last few days.

He was just diagnosed with a disease called COPD. its a disease u gain by excissive smoking.

I have already lost one family member to this disease, and i dont plan to lose another.

Once you have this disease, you can never get rid of it. it stays with you forever.

My grandfather may not be SUPER close to me, but he his family and a good friend.