Yurei no Neko

Somedays I feel like the cat
left out of the zodiac
My attitude is far from nice
Kicking and screaming
so I don't have to go back to the darkness
that tries to lock me up
I can't stand to lose
be it in battle or love,
but I do anyway
Life isn't fair as it seems
but when you'[ve found your light
life feels almost right
Unable to tell my tale,
I scream out loud, hoping to be heard
hoping to be loved...
Sometimes that call is never answered
and the darkness beconds me,
But I'll break out
Fierce like the cat
I fight back
flshing colors of white annd red
Before my true feelings are said
I'm like the cat alright
though my hair isn't as bright
I see the truth inside
Always hoping to live on the outside,
my boundaries, to no longer be
locked up in a cage,
But simply to be me.