Worries? Problems? Anger? Guilt? or anything in between? Let us solve it here together !! Sharing thoughts is not a bad idea.. in fact it can help us feel better..

Black Night or kuro yoru ( 黒夜 ) in japanese.. yoru for my name and kuro for black. Anyway.. This is my first world.. I am not that skillful in this kind of stuff, all I wanted is to make a world that can benefit you, me, and everyone !! So I have decided to make MY world, OUR world. I'm not good at almost everything and almost failed to do anything good.. but once I decided something I will do my very best. You can guarantee that I'll give off 100% effort !!

In This world, We can all say bye to our worries. hmm.. Not clear enough? In that case let me explain in details.. kuro yoru or black world is a world that gives helping hands to those who needs. All you have to do is to trust and to open up, and I or even other visitors will help. If you need anything you can just ask here and I'll do my best to give you comfort and answers to your questions as well.. But if you have personal things rumbling around your mind and is shy about opening it up here, you can also PM me(howayoru).. ^.^ but solving it here with everyone's help is a little fun and you can have more than my suggestions, anyway.. Its up to you..

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  • -Don't make fun of others.
  • -Learn to keep secrets.
  • -comfort/help each other.
  • -most of all, have FUN !!!

"A wonderful night is the secret
of a beautiful morning.."

Have a wonderful night..


Stressed out

So I'm so stressed out I can't even sleep without having nightmares. I only have nightmares when I'm really upset or stressed. Which I guess I'm both right now.

Reason I'm stressed and upset? Well my dad goes into surgery next week, my friend has muscular dystrophy and although the doctors think it's improving they're not sure so he has to take a treatment over the summer but if it doesn't work they think he has about 2 years, even then he is thinking about going into a special task force that his cousin (a military genius-no lie) is the head off which means he would be on the front lines and if he dies then I won't even get to know so I'll be worrying about him all the time and never get to know, and in case you haven't figured it out, the guy I'm talkin about I really really like, and then my grade in math is slipping, a lot of my friends keep going behind my back, and so much more.

Idk what to do about it. I really don't.


O.k my question is "Is it alright for a GUY to slap a GIRL because she accidentally made him mad?" and they were not playing around. Do you guys think its right?


P.S no it was not me who got hit it was my friend.


hello, its me, yoru...
uhm.. I'm having a trouble with my manga.. >.< I'm just wondering where can I edit it? is there such thing as manga editor? I just thought that there would be a perfect window for editing manga... ya know, something like adding effect or anything... I've seen some good manga here on theO, and it looks like a real one.. Can you please help me..?
I really need to know, please help me >.<

have a wonderful night..

Yoru's Secret Tears ; Black Night's History

ya see, I don't know much about you guys and I don't really know everything.. but I know how to understand a person's heart.. and this is where it all began..

I have a lots of friends.. and those friends are all depending so much on me.. I was happy about it, I'm really happy that I could help even with just talking. but then I began to doubt my actions.. "is that what I call helping? All I do is speak unnecessary words and state facts that might happen.. giving them choices that will make them realize what's better and what's not.. was that even helping?!" I felt useless and stupid, "its not helping, its poking my nose in other's business and why should I even bother? do I really have to know it?" and then, this happened..

there is only one person whom I trust the most.. the one whom I thought that understands me.. So I told him almost everything.. and he would just listen and give me advice.. I was really happy then that there is actually someone whom I can turn to.. but then he suddenly confessed to me that he's tired and that he really doesn't have to listen to everything I say, that he really doesn't have to know it... It just hurted me so much that I closed my self to everyone.. I thought of myself as being a bother and that they really shouldn't have to know anything and everything about me.. but even though I smile.. even though I laugh, I can't deny the fact that it still hurts so much.. it feels like my heart is going to burst into pieces.. Its really hard to suffer in silence..

Then I began thinking back.. that's when I realize that I'm not The only one who felt that way.. that there are someone like me who can't open up to others.. and I don't want them to feel what I felt.. I don't want them to experience the same pain I've suffered. So I began to change for good.. This is why I always try my best to understand.. then my friends began to grow, that made me see more people needing me. This things made me more and more happier than before and it made me felt that I'm really blessed not only with friends but also with the Holy Spirit's gift of Understanding..

Then, I discovered theO, I used the opportunity to made this world a world that would benefit not only me but everyone..

I hope that those someone, would find the courage to open up to me and to others.. I want them to feel that there is still someone who is willing to listen to them.. someone whose willing to understand them.. someone who cares about them.. and is just waiting for them to realize that I am here ^^

Have a Wonderful Night..

Freaking out

Ughhhh, o.k so I have know idea what to do. O.k so one of my friends who was suicidal wants to start texting me again, but I don't want to. Every time we text each other I felt like weight was being put on my shoulders, which for me is very annoying and irritating. So I have on idea what to do, can you please help.!!! Please!!!

Nothing is as it seems,