Well Uhh I need help with this guyy

Well hehe. Feel free to give me advice.
There's this guy, lets call him 'Fred'(this is not his real name).
Well I am 99.1% sure Fred likes me and really like him. I mean, I find myself thinking about his safety and how he is and such, I've never felt like this for a guy before. The only thing is, I'm not one to make it obvious I like someone, I act the same around him habitually. He is like really really close to figuring out I like him though because I filled out this myspace survey like 20 things to 20 people and youre not suppposed to say about which one is for who (if u have myspace u may know) or something and put like all of them like some mean and some nice and the one i had for Fred was 'I flippin love you and I dont even stand a chance..rawr'. he asked me if any were about him. I said yeah and he said 'well which one? Is it the one about how you want to scream sometimes because how annoyng the person is?' and I'm like 'no, its not anything bad.' and he just really wants to know which one it is, and if he puts two and two together, he'll find out that the one i put for him is for him if you know what I'm trying to say here..

I dunno what to do!
Should I tell him? but idk about that cuz I dont really like how girls are so desperate that they have to make the first move on the boy.

Should I like let him find out? But I don't know, cuz maybe he'll feel awkward if he doesn't really like me back

Oh, and one little detail...I'm 14, he's 17
which could make it worse.