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Hello there, this is Katana, also known as Kat in some circles. I'm your friendly neighborhood twenty-two-year-old illustrator/writer whose sarcasm is second to none and harboring the ability to verbalize the parentheses in stories. I drink coffee and draw like an addict and am liable to get you into things that I like. Currently the wielder of a BFA in Illustration and a minor in English.

Questions? Comments? Death threats? Feel free to PM or message me in some iteration. I'm always around, you just don't know it.

"Some of the great artists of our time started off by doodling in class. ...Maybe. Oh heck I dunno."
- Miss Anonymous

Ohhh right, the new year

I have become notoriously terrible at updating this journal. I'm pretty bad at keeping up multiple blogs and I think the only one to suffer worse than this is like, my LiveJournal, though that doesn't really count since no one cared about that one to begin with. :Va

So let's see...

Anyway, WHAT'S UP? It's 2014! I don't know if that's at all exciting, but with my (former) roommates using the phrase "last year" to refer to a time less than two weeks ago, I haven't quite made the adjustment. I'll get used to it in about eight months.

Since this is my journal, I guess the question is more "what's been up with you, personally". Well, I've still got a job (did I ever mention that I got a job? I did on my art submissions, but I guess if you are exclusive to JUST this journal you wouldn't know), though I also had a nasty case of bronchitis from said job's holiday party, so that could've gone better. I spent New Years Eve in isolation, marathoning Princess Jellyfish again and deciding I hadn't watched The Prince of Egypt in a while so that should totally be watched in celebration of the end of the year. I went to bed after 5am, so go me.

The new year - or, rather, the end of December - has brought about something new for me, though it's nothing as exciting as a new car or trip to Vegas. No, it's instead the fact that the Doctor Who art-making self in me has risen up (again), and if you can't tell from my recent submissions, I am quite an enthusiast for 12 already, I might just ship Clara pretty badly with him (and 11 ugh such cuteness), and in just a general sense, I have been bit really hard by the Capaldi bug.

Oh my God. The Peter Capaldi bug is doing such terrible things to my mental state. 2013 saw my high school self rise up again, claiming fangirlings of a few 2D characters to the point where having a new crush on an actor just didn't seem like it would ever happen again. Oh sure, there was Matt Smith and Chris Hemsworth; oldies but goodies who had plenty of time to flex their photoshoots around. But with Stein and Sycamore claiming bits of my mind and Sasha Nein still clinging tight, it was like 16-year-old Kat had come out to play again. When Capaldi was announced as 12 last August, I went "aw, he's a sweetie", but nothing more.

Then the Christmas special happened, and then there came the rise of photosets and gifs on Tumblr. And of course I had some certain people nudging me along, though it also gave rise to the phrase "do you actually fangirl him or do you just like screwing with us?" "yes". I'm not one to be in denial if I actually do fangirl someone (be they a character or an actor), but that admittance doesn't ease the avalanche of teasing I have been given the past couple weeks. There's a reason "El Husbando" might be a joke I actually make a drawing for.

(Note: My friends are great and we mock each other relentlessly for everything.)

In summary, my 2014 so far has been teasing, working, and coughing. But that's okay. Looking forward to what this year has to bring, seeing as how 2013 was a rather loaded year for me. Mental breakdowns, college graduation, gallbladder surgery, getting an actual job? Yeesh. Bring it on, 2014.

And maybe I'll try keeping this journal up (haha). If nothing else, I'll do my best to not slack off on uploading my art.

I was tagged again.

I'm late on this. The last few days have been kinda weird in my head. Tagged by Starscream.

What would you name your first child if you ever had one?
I used to have about two names ready to go if it was a boy or girl. I think I need to re-evaluate my life, though, because I'm not sure how I feel about those names anymore. I like "William" for a boy, which is about the one not ruined for me somehow.

What was always your dream job?
Astronaut or artist. I'm at last living half the goal.

Someone stole your underwear and flew them like a flag on top of a building, what do you do?
Get annoyed because it now means I have to buy new underwear and finding good sets of boy shorts is hard.

You are chowing down on a box of McDonald's chicken nuggets when you find a chicken head. How do you react?
Wonder when it became 1987 and why the FDA isn't doing their job.

You step in dog poo by mistake and end up trailing it into your house. Would you clean it up, or would you get someone else to do it?
The problem is that this actually happens to me. I clean it up myself. Every time.

Spiders: Cute, or nasty?
So kawaii. *slapped* No, I like them. Daddy long legs are my favorite.

If you were given rulership of your country for one day what would be the main 3 things you would do first?
Get into arguments with people, ban the use of the word "privilege", and free coffee. Then get punched in the face, probably.

Your house is on fire! (Don't blame Molly!) You can only get one item and rescue it, what do you choose?
My laptop.

If someone offered you £3000 (Lets say $3000 if you are in the US) to do a nude magazine shoot, would you do it?
That's it? No way.

Would you ever do a food challenge like on Man Vs Food?
I'd give it a shot. Not saying I'd get far, but I'd sure try.

What would be your dream pet? (Real animal or fictional)
I'd love to have a Pabu (Legend of Korra), who I believe is a fire ferret. Looks like a red panda.

I got tagged in a thing

Chat sure is a weird place today.

I got tagged by TheYummyIdeal and I figure I'll do it because...why not.

1. Favorite genre of music?
I've found that I'm not really too judging on the style of music, but more a matter of the lyrics. I used to say "anything but rap and country", but if you give me good lyrics and not utter crap, I don't really care about the musical styling. Anything can be made good.

2. Favorite food?
Coffee. Fried chicken. Eggs. Peanut butter and toast. Salmon. Even more things.

3. Favorite shade of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to human eyes?
Blue, specifically cerulean.

4. Scenario time! So it's the zombie apocolypse and say if you we're prepared or not your on TheOtaku at home when it happened. What do you do?
So I'm not on theO or at home. Hmm...Well, I lock my car doors and go driving. I make my way to the farmland. Fewer buildings and open space means less chance of getting jumped by zombies. I make my way to a farm and start driving tractor combines everywhere. It'll be great.

5. You find a bug in your macaroni and cheese! Yuck! What do you do?
Send it back if I'm at a restaurant. Pick it out if I'm at home. >_>

6. If you could take the chance to skydive while playing air guitar would you?
Considering how skydiving usually involves laying flat while a guide is on top of you, that'd be insanely difficult, but sure I'd try.

7. If your life was made into a movie what would it be?
A really snarky movie about the realities of art school and life. It'd go to Sundance and be loved by critics there, but the mass public would think it's insanely boring.

8. A abomobal snowman attacks your house in the snowy mountains! What do you do?
Get the flamethrower and go to town.

9. If you could do one thing to change the way you look what would it be?
I'd like those extra two inches of height my orthodontist said I'd have (based upon x-rays with your hands and bone spacing and blah blah blah).

10. If you had to express love to your love someway how would ya do it?
Tease them, punch them, make jokes. Alternatively, draw pictures.

11. Do you really think my little sister is the devil??
I have no idea who your little sister is so I'm going to hedge my bets and say 'probably not'.

I made it thorugh surgery!

Although the sarcastic (but true) response is "did you really think I'd die".

It all went without a hitch, as much as surgeries can. I have five small entry wounds in me versus one large incision, and best part is, no stitches! I did find out that me and IVs don't get along very well, as I had two put in me but with six total punctures. Yaay.

Wednesday was the clear liquid diet day. It was predictably awful. I do advise, if any of you have to go on one, to stock up on a variety of soup broths. I only had chicken, which was fine, but I didn't eat (drink) it until the late afternoon/evening -but it was the most satisfying thing I had. I do know that I am out of eating Jell-O for a while, having consumed a box and a half of it.

I didn't eat at all yesterday. Water, ice chips, and 7-Up comprised my diet. I totally had food delivered to my room - clear liquids again. Ate some soup broth. Threw it back up. Fun stuff like that.

I see this post is just going to be talking about food rather than the surgery. Oh well.

Today I woke up and was told I could have solid food OH THANK THE LORD. French toast, Chex, and applesauce were on my menu, and I tore through that french toast like nobody's business. And the Chex. The applesauce got the short end of the stick and only got about half-consumed. Was discharged around noon, came home, slept, took some pain meds, ate eggs and toast, and then had tacos for dinner. Oh man. Those tacos. So...great.

Right. Anyway. Surgery happened, recovery was mostly me sleeping and getting really good at unhooking the anti-blood clot leg cuffs in order to go to the bathroom, and unwittingly telling about half the hospital staff that I'm a recent college graduate who majored in illustration and minored in English. Now that I'm home, I can enjoy satellite TV and good internet. And doggies.

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