Chapter Four: Disapointment

A soft triune flew through the smell of the maiden’s now dry tears. My love, my knight, I feel frozen in place. My breath can only describe the way I feel. Shivering like a scared ghost. Hunger, takes its toll in the emotion of the air. Hunger for justice, hunger for revenge, hunger for answers. I feel them all.

I place my golden nails upon my lips in distress; backing away towards my father’s direction. His barrier is my only sanctuary. Protect me before I shatter into a million pieces.

“What monster did this?” I gasped.

“Monster,” My father questioned. “No, not a monster, but what man could have done this?” His eyes sneered towards the prince in a suspicious manner. Father knew that this Prince Reyles was from another kingdom and was not ready to trust his presence. Rebelling armies could strike at any moment.

I gazed towards my love, he was glaring at the Count; Kapranova. Kapranova was stricken with fear. His eyes widen while covering his mouth in shock. I looked down towards my porcelain shoes. To afraid to face the reality that shook me to realize that this was no dream, that my innocence was scarred by the very blood that stained the white sheets on my bed. Her dead face was full of fear, her mouth lying open as though it was her only way for her spirit to escape.

My mother did not speak, my sister, was not there. My Love, what was he thinking? Count, why are you hiding? I wish that we could all become very close and just understand each other. Like the flowers that bloom in my garden. Connecting and supporting each other to live; representing the life that surrounds them, recovering the death that befalls them.

“I want to leave father. Take this horrible vision out of my memory!” I covered my mouth to, the smell was too unbearable and I did not wish to vomit. The stench of evil was also covering the small area like a plague. Hovering around, eating the lost soul.

“If it is anyone who can take your memories, it is Kapranova.” He replied to my disappointment. “Count, assist my daughter in her agony. Allow her forget the night that housed her fear.”

“I can not reject this, my King.” Kapranova responded in a bowing manner, extending his hand towards my direction. I hesitated, for I could feel the same darkness around him as I did in my bedroom. The darkness arose from the back of his head, the light fading from me. I reached for his hand almost in a daze. And he clutched it so roughly I thought it was going to fall off my wrist.

“Stop,” yelled my fiancé, “Stop this at once! Are you all so blindest to see that it was the Count who killed her!?”

The crowd remained silent including me, still attached to Kapranova hand. My father spoke.
“Do not be so rash Reyles. You heart is no less pure than that of a lion. You may roam your land but you have no say in this one yet. Tongue of the devil I command you to be silent.”

“But King! It is obvious! He arrived late at dinner!” declared Reyles. “You can’t deny that fact.”

“Enough,” my mother intervened, “just remove this body from my daughter’s room and we will discuss this all later. We aren’t children. Stop pointing fingers and playing this blame shame. I have had enough of it. I am going to sleep now. You all can either stay up arguing and wasting your night, or you will be wise to do the same thing.”

Although my mother was weak in presence, her voice and words were truly stronger than that of a knights. We departed from the area as the guards came to remove the death from my room. I never wanted to set foot in their ever again. My spine chilled thinking of the cold dead corpse in their. I needed warmth, a fire that would undamagingly burn inside my soul. I seek answers, but only more secrets can be found in this enigma.

It took me several more seconds of thought to realize that the Count was smiling at me. I turned towards Reyles and mouthed out an “I’m sorry,” so that only his eyes could hear me. In his reply he gestured a well goodnight from his heart. I smiled, but couldn’t help but be lead away by my father and Kapranova.

I feared Kapranova but at the same time I was deeply disgusted by his presence. His face looked like it was smacked forcefully to its shaped. His sharp eyes were very untrustworthy and his body was very thin. There was no doubt that he starved from his fasting in believe that he will gain new powers. He was an obsessed, disturbed man.

As we walked through the castle I gazed out the many windows down the hall. The stars were dancing but I couldn’t help but feel that they were dancing along to the devils tune. No one can see it. No one can see the demons haunting our home. But I believe that Prince Reyles is not as blind as my family. He knows what is going on to, I believe. I believe that he will save me. Save us from this torment.
Kapranova is a mystery to me. I have known him since I was a young girl but he has always been very mysterious. Earlier today he proposed his love to me. I was shocked and most certain that he was joking. He always tried to make me laugh when we were both young. That was a long time ago after the war. He came back wounded and full of fear from the war from the dark side of this land. They tried to overcome the light in a battle. They wanted to rule us over with fear. Most of our soldiers died, but my father and mother tell me that it was Kapranova who saved the army and was the avatar of victory. That is why he stays here. He has my family’s blessing for saving the kingdom. I pray for this man every night. Hoping his mind will rest easy from that bloody battle. From all the tears and death that surrounded him as he ran in survival. I want his mind to be rested, that is all. I hate to see anything suffer against its will.

They spoke of my memories being erased. Were they really going to erase my memory? Or are they just going to ease my vision? I can feel my heart starting to pound. Fear was my strongest enemy so I began to pray.

Lord, take this fear away from me. Take it out of my heart and continue to protect me in your light. I accept your gifts; I accept your healing and your life. I do not accept this evil tonight. I pray for the young maid’s soul to be rested in your kingdom. I pray that you protect everyone from death. Your might is my command and what you do is right. My choices are depended upon you. Please take this fear away. Do not let anything bad happen to me. Amen.

The time I opened my eyes; I saw the room that I was to enter into alone with Kapranova. It was his room, where he practiced and studied all the time. My Father whispered something to him that I could not make out.

“Do not be afraid dear,” my father spoke to me, “the Count would never hurt you. He is going to make you feel better.” At that he kissed me on the forehead and left us. My throat chocked and I felt like I could not breathe. Don’t leave me father! Don’t leave me with this devil. How can you abandon me with a stranger! I am your daughter! I know I have done wrong but please I beg you! I beg of you! I don’t want to die! However, that is all my mind could scream, but my voice was lifeless. I could only suck in my bottom lip and enter through the door which Kapranova lay open for me.

“Thank you Count.” The only words disguising my fear tonight.

“The pleasure is all mine, malady. Try not to cry, it will all be over soon.” He shut the door and in darkness, I felt alone and suffocating. My prayers being my only shield; weakening as I walked in deeper towards the chamber.

Prince, save me from evil.

My name is May Yelena and I am Princess to the Kingdom of Secrete. I lay my hand on my family and bless them through my healing. I fight for all. My mind knows no difference and my heart forever burdened by lies.