The black metal gate is shut. A cold wind wraps around her hair, how the spirits play with her, make her laugh. I push my face against the metal plain and realize not of what I am doing. I grasp on tightly to the rails and hold my head closer. Do you love me Princess? Because, I have always loved you.


I hear her voice crying inside my head. Silent whimpers of my past. I hear her screaming at me to stop…silent whimpers in my past. I kill her family right before her eyes. How she cries and begs me to stop. However, she did not love me so I shall not love her. She did not say yes and I have yet to accept it. Silent whimpers in my past.

I remember the blood was splattered all over her white gown. It was night and the moon was not even full. It was lifeless…not a wind to guide my plumage spirit down to the Nile of Hells scared embassy. My breath reeks of their souls and my spirit is blackening by the dark blood left from the cadaver He left behind. It was neither jealousy nor rage. I do not remember the exact feeling that caused slaying my beloved’s family, however during it I felt so free so alive! I had a rush like no other, laughing almost too much and then seeing her face, crying with broken stains. I asked her,

“What life do you want to live? One with me? Or one in Hells Embassy, where you can star as the witch in his play? Constantly being harassed by snakes and bitten by wolves where you can die over and over again.”

She looked too afraid to talk, as the malicious spit came out my mouth. She only cried and screamed, don’t kill me! Please God don’t kill me! At that moment with fear within her eyes, I saw her as something ugly, not porcelain, not angelic, but just like all the other royal families that lied in my wake from her. She was just the same! My thoughts rose widely as I recognized her glow slowly fading to the same darkness as her dead parents and siblings. My eyes widen and I see my last vision of her and me and what, who we could have been.

Splat, splitter, drip!

My machete incased with her blood, slowly but smoothly escaping out of her body. “What a mess you made my dear Princess.” I whisper during her last breaths. “Your father will not be pleased.” Slowing removing the blade after shaking it inside of her now dead carcass, I lay a kiss on my beloved and steal her eyes as a cache.
My name is Mayotac Kapranova and I killed the Royal Family of a large village called Secrete. I feel no remorse. I have no regrets. I live my life as though I am nonexistent. I run away and slay and slay until my heart feels whole again. Until my breath is relieved and my words feel as though they are there. I cannot explain why I exist nor can I explain why I do what I do. Perhaps it is just a passion or some unusual hobby like crafts…I like crafts.

…..I also forgot to mention my favorite food is pasta and I wish I had a dog so that I could name her Yelena.