my perfect bf

oh my goodness! it seems like im never gonna meet the right guy. this may be partialy due to the fact that "perfect" is way different for me than most girls. it may also have to do with the fact that i live in a very jocky town and most jocks dont wanna date a goth girl. my perfect boy friend would be sooooo increadible. he would have percing green eyes, black (and possibly some other unique color) emo hair. he would be pail and skinny. he'd also be sort of girly (just in physice though) and hate sports. i couldnt handle a jock. he would basicly be the coolest guy ever. most importantly ,he would except me for me. idk, its really cheesy but its true. he would also me romantic, and perferably have fangs (jk,jk, although vampires do rule). well thanks for listening to me drone!