The ground was slowly becoming covered with snow. Small bits of white would start falling from the sky, and the breeze cooler, biting. The world has adapted a hue of a bluer shade.

It'll be winter soon.

I miss him.

I'm coming home.

On days like this, he'd always pinch my nose, for absolutely no reason at all. He'd tease me a lot.

'You're just too cute.'

'I just felt like it.'

'Why so serious?'

'Rudolph! It's your new nickname!'

Tears threatened to fall, but I did not let them. Heaven knows how much he disliked seeing me cry, and all the more when he knew the reason behind my tears was him.

I wiped my eyes slowly, feeling small biting sensations where the 'tears' smeared. I blinked, once, twice. I tried not to make a sound. If there was any after life, if there were truly any souls still lingering on this earth, if... if he was here, I don't want him to see.


I stood up and walked away from the bench I sat on, toward the open field in front of my house. I didn't bother putting on any footwear.

The ground felt cold, crunching under my feet every step I took. The sensation of being under the sun, its final rays caressing me felt oddly soothing, together with the gentle blowing wind of the fast approaching winter.

I closed my eyes. Images of him flashed in front of me: his kind eyes, his mischievous smile, his warm expression...


I'm here.

A tear escaped my eyes.

The cold winter breeze gently caressed me.

Please, don't be sad.

A small snowflake slowly fell on my nose.

Come on, smile for me.

I smiled.