Side Stories

This is where I'm going to be placing the side stories for my other elementals. if I start working on more than just one at a time. I'll place links and let you know which story I update. A warning, there will be swearing in these stories and there are very heavy topics. I understand if you would rather not read about them. But all of my children need their stories told and I want to share them with you all.

Cove of Escape (Gil’s story)
The Journey (Nero’s Story) -Entries 1-6 UP
The Dreaming Secret (Toshiro’s Story)
Singing in the Moonlight (Aaron’s Story)
Brother’s Aline (Jason and Kyo’s Story)
Light in the Dark (Hale and Tate’s Story)
Revolution-less (Jaden’s Story)
Nothing Whispering (Harley’s Story)
Silent Waters(Andy’s Story)