Yes Even though I have made an RP world first it hasn't really gone anywhere and I really wanted to keep going with my characters so I've decided that i'm going to write a story with them. Don't worry this doesn't mean that they are going to be pulled out of the RP or anything. This is going to have nothing to do with the RP.

Title: Veryn
Category: Original
Summary: There's a new game out called Veryn that everyone was really excited for. Join Victor also known as Vic and his brother Hector who takes the name Shun in the game travel the world of Veryn as that try to figure out just why on earth their games were glitched when everyone that they come across doesn't seem to know what they are talking about. Just what could this glitch mean? Was it just a mistake or is there more to what lies under just the coding of Veryn?
Rating: T
Genres: Adventure/Friendship/Action