Chapter 60: How'd the Window Screen Wind Up in the Grass?


Elena waved at Nori before disappearing back into the dorm. I was glad she and I had switched; I knew I wouldn't have been able to stop smiling, and I didn't want to give Nori the satisfaction. Beside my slightly crazy episode at the dance, the night had gone really well, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

You seemed to be enjoying yourself tonight, Elena said, breaking the silence between us. She made her way down the flights of steps towards our dorm room.

I did. Thank you again for doing that for me. I'm sure you would have rather have been doing something else, I told her. I didn't feel nearly as guilty as I probably should have. But I was still thinking about Nori's kiss.

And miss you making out with Nori and ignoring the entire rest of the party? she teased as she opened the door to the hallway towards her room. The hallway was pretty empty. Everyone was probably still at the dance or the after parties.

She unlocked her room and went inside. Alexa wasn't there, and I wondered where she was. Probably at the dance or hanging out with Austin. Elena went to her closet and took out her pajamas, setting them on the dresser. Before she started taking off the dress, I stopped her. Look how hot you look now, I told her. The dress fit her almost as well as it fit me. I was a little bigger than she was, so the dress was slightly smaller on her, but it still looked amazing. But then again, a paper bag would look amazing on her.

I don't look nearly as good as you did, she replied quickly looking away from her reflection and busying herself by folding her pajamas.

I mean, obviously, that dress was made for me. It'd be hard for anyone to pull that off. But you're hot, Elena. I know Noel thinks so, I said in sing-song, which made Elena blush causing me to laugh.

I know, she whispered before she changed out of the dress and into her pajamas. When she finished, she grabbed her toiletries and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

When she came back, she opened up her window. Pulling up a chair, she sat down and leaned up against the windowsill and looked out at the night. We could hear laughter and voices coming from down below as students made their way back into the building. I could see the branches in the trees moving, the wind whistling through the leaves. It was late in the night, and the only light came from the street light out in front of the building. We could make out lights further in the distance from around the campus.

Elena, switch with me, I ordered her as I strained to listen with her human ears. I thought I heard a scuffle, but I wasn't able to figure out where it was coming from with her hearing.

What's wrong? she asked as she switched with me. With me back in control, I listened with my demonic ears picking up something from the roof. Nori! I punched the screen out of window and stepped out onto the ledge. I jumped up and grabbed the ledge of the window of the room above Elena's.

I thought I heard something, and I just want to check it out. I didn't need Elena's worrying if it was nothing. My senses were working at prime capacity now that I had fed. I raced up the side of the building and peeked over the ledge of the roof, but I didn't see anything. Sensing something was wrong, I let go of the ledge and plunged back to the ground, landing easily on my feet.

I couldn't sense Nori at all, so I crept around the side of the building when suddenly I picked up on his scent. He was transporting himself. But why and where was he going? Was he in trouble? I made my way towards his scent and thought better of it. It didn't seem like Nori was moving from his spot.

Switch back with me and follow my directions. I want to check on something, I told her as I let the control slip to Elena and told her where to go. We stopped a ways away and found Noel to be talking to Austin. Noel looked hurt, but I couldn't tell from what at this distance. Suddenly, Austin and Noel started making their way towards the dorms, and everything looked fine.

Did we come out looking for Noel? He looks fine, Elena told me, confusion lacing her voice.

Sorry, I thought something was wrong, but it looks like I was mistaken. Let's head back, I told her. I felt as though something had happened, but I wasn't able to go and ask the boys what. It could wait until later.


When I woke up the next morning, I found Alexa trying to fix the screen on the window. When she saw me sit up, she said, "I came home last night, and I found the window wide open with the screen sitting out in the grass. You know what happened?"

I panicked, not knowing how to explain that the demon I was bonded to had punched the screen out of the window. I settled with, "I hadn't even noticed to be honest! I was so tired last night that I crashed pretty early and stayed out." I turned away, hoping she couldn't sense the lie. But what possible explanation could I give her?

Good cover, Eevie chuckled but didn't offer anything else for me to have used as a good excuse, so I ignored her.

"That's strange. I wonder what happened," she turned back to the window and was trying to adjust the screen and fit it back into the tracks.

Stretching my arms over my head, I decided it was best to get up. Weekends were the best part of the week, and it was a nice respite from all the training we'd been doing all week. I should probably go out to practice this afternoon, and I knew I had a bit of homework I would need to be working on. Today was going to be a busy day.

Crawling out of bed, I grabbed my toiletries and headed to the bathroom, where I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair back into a high ponytail. As I came back into the room, I saw that Alexa had fixed the screen and was now reading at her desk. I grabbed some clothes out of the closet and changed into some comfy workout clothes.

"You going running or something?" Alexa asked when she looked up. "You're pretty big into working out, aren't you? Well, I do have to say you're looking good. Not that you didn't before, but you've got some nice definition in your arms that wasn't there when school started," she smiled.

I ducked my head, "Really? You can actually see a difference?" I glanced at the mirror above my dresser. I guess I could sort of see some difference in my arms. I flexed them a bit

"Definitely!" she assured me "Women with good muscle definition is a big turn on of mine, so I might notice more easily than others," she said offhandedly like it was no big deal. But I hadn't been expecting that, so it was kind of pleasantly unexpected. I blushed and turned away.

Getting the ladies attention as well as the guys. Go Elena! Eevie teased.

Had Noel noticed? I wondered if he liked the most in shape me. Or maybe he didn't notice a difference at all. I hadn't, and it was my body! "I'm going to breakfast. Have you eaten, yet?" I thought a change of subject was due, and my stomach was growling.

"Sure, I could eat," she agreed getting up.

We grabbed our key cards and our phones and headed out. I sent a quick text to Noel telling him we were going to breakfast if he was up and wanted to join us. I wanted to talk to him about what Eevie and I had seen last night, but it would have to wait until we weren't with Alexa.