Chapter 59: Well, This was a Good Night


Watching Eevie move through the forest with easy it was hard for myself to concentrate. She is just so beautiful and it seems as if it doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a constricting tight dress like she is now or her normal reviling clothing, she’s one of the most graceful women that I’ve ever met.

Of course, this is ironically my first hunt that I’ve ever gone on. Mother and father never really wanted me going on hunts. They said that I was too young to go. But my brother and sister were allowed to go around my age. It could just be because I’m the baby of the family as to why they do not want me to go on a hunt just yet. They don’t want to realize that I’m growing up, except for the fact that they are marrying me off to someone I don’t even know for political reasons.

"You seem distracted.” Eevie pointed out as we bypassed a small group of raccoon dogs.

“You’re just so beautiful it’s easy to become distracted,” I smiled with a quick wink her way.

She chuckled but didn’t look over at me. “So what’s really on your mind.”

“How do you know that there’s something else on my mind? Maybe I’m just thinking of you.” I responded glancing at her quickly before dodging to the left to avoid a tree.

There was a loud squawk as we came to a stop. “That’ll do.” She said. We were standing in front of a Basan.

“What is that thing? It looks like a giant chicken.” Noel mentioned which I chuckled.

‘That’s a Basan. And yes it is a giant chicken, but it can breathe fire’
I responded. “So would you like help or did you want to do this by yourself?” I questioned looking over at Eevie crossing my arms over my chest as the chicken spotted us.

“It’ll be a bit faster if you helped.” She responded and then before I could respond she took off like a rocket towards the Basan.

I gladly accepted the offer and decided to just go with it the same way that the two of us have taken care of demons back at the school. Though this time I’m going to be the support.

That chicken went up in flames and it was so much fun. I’ve never been allowed to release that much fire against something before in my life. And Eevie was so graceful when we switched places to confuse the stupid bird and it didn’t see it coming.

“ALRIGHT!!!”I exclaimed excited and pumping my fists in the air like a child.

Eevie slapped me on the back and giggled at my reaction. “You’re such a child.” But I did get a peck on the cheek from her.

I couldn’t help but smile like a dork and blush, “I’ll go keep watch, I know how women don’t like being watched as they dine.” I said pointing at me and slipping away from her.

“Thank you.” She said and I waved slightly without looking back at her.

She was actually what sounds like a very graceful eater. Having long rabbit-like ears came in handy sometimes…well, most of the time really. It wasn’t long before she was finished and she walked over to me seeming to be in a very upbeat and chipper mood.

“Was that enough or do we need to go for another round?” I questioned as much fun as I had with us being on this little date it was getting late and if I didn’t get Noel back to the room where he and Elena were supposed to be watching movies. Noel was able to get out of Austin that he was actually going to be on patrol around campus and not at the dance. There was another exorcist there were at the dance. But thankfully it wasn’t like they could make a move for us with all the other students around if they were able to pick up that we were actually demons. Of course Eevie’s little show with the advisor didn’t really help.

“That was actually plenty I’ll be able to make it through till the winter break as long as I don’t overdo it with using my magic.” She answered.

“Noted. I’ll be sure to use my abilities more often so you can don’t have to worry.” I said, “Or we can just let Austin do what his little club does best…but then the demons are actually killed and their souls are not placed back into the cycle.” I crossed my arms thinking about it.

“Don’t over think things. Come on, we should get back.” Eevie said slipping her arm between my chest and arm and pressing her chest up against me.

“Can do,” I smiled sweetly at her and then teleported us back to the campus. We ended up on the other side of campus so once my feet rested on the concrete I teleported us to the roof top of Noel and Elena’s dorm. “And I believe this is where we shall part.” I sad with a bit of sadness in my voice.

She sighed and let go of my arm. “I believe so.” She kissed me gently on the lips. “Thank you for tonight. I had a lot of fun.”

“Same here. I had a lot of fun.” I smiled back. I watched her walk away. Damn, she looks just as sexy in the back as she does in the front


“Nori, bad thoughts,” I commented I could just tell that the was rolling his eyes as Eevie switched with Elena. Elena turned around and waved at Nori before opening the door and heading in.

“Well, that was a fun date.” Yun’s high pitched voice said as he unburied himself from Nori's hair and floated in front of him as the door shut.

“Sorry about having you stuck in my hair all night.” Nori apologized to the little cotton puff.

“It’s okay, you two seemed to be having a lot of fun, and with tonight being Halloween it was for the best with the exorcists out and about,” Yun said floating in front of Nori.

“How about we head back to…” Nori stopped talking and I could feel his senses kicking into full gear. His ears were twitch on top of his head. He quickly turned and something that was moving faster than I think even Nori could track and it hit him in the left shoulder. Was that a bullet? But there was no gunshot…what’s going on?

“Master Nori!” Panic engulfed Yun’s voice as it felt like a raging inferno started to spread through mine and Nori’s shoulder and down our arms.

“Got um.” A male voice said. It was an exorcist. How long has he been there? Did he see Eevie and Elena? God, I hope not.

“Yun, hide now,” Nori ordered and Yun dove back into Nori’s hair and we teleported out of there. We didn’t make it that far. Whatever it was that Nori was hit with its taking effect fast. We only made it just off the roof with Nori’s teleporting before we were kicked out of the rip in space that his ability creates and we fell the rest of the way to the ground.

‘I’m going to get us somewhere to hide so we can switch.’ Nori told me as his feet hit the ground and he tumbled a couple of times so he didn’t hurt himself.

“But anything that happens to you, it’ll happen to me,” I said as he teleported again. I felt a rush of whatever this stuff was spread faster when he teleported. It’s making its way into our legs now. I’m not as strong as Nori, my legs are burning. It hurts almost as bad as when I broke my ankles.

‘I know, but if we can get somewhere safe enough to let it wear off, it should stop spreading hopefully. It’s some sort of herbs oil that was on the tip of this bullet. I know that much at least.’
Nori said and again his teleportation ability glitches out and we ended up hitting the ground hard and he rolled. At least he knows it’s a bullet, I couldn’t make out what it was especially since there was no gun shot. That makes sense, if the herb was turned into an oil it would be easier to put on a bullet and it would make it faster for the symptoms to kick in.

“I think I remember reading something about that when I was back in high school. Anise…if you use its seeds or have the herb in an oil form then it can be toxic.”
I felt my heart skip, “Nori we have to switch now. If this affects you anymore, you may not make it. Your healing can’t keep up with it.” I don’t know how much was the bullet that hit him and if it was enough to be a lethal dose then this can be very bad.

‘I need to get us into cover.’ He was breathing heavily and he was having a hard time getting back up on his feet. I couldn’t wait I could feel it spread through him, through me. I’m forcing a switch. With this toxin going through him he can’t hold me back either. But this toxin is making it go slower than normal. We’ve switched conscious at least. ‘Noel, stop I don’t think you can handle the pain,’ Nori argued now in my head. He was right this was extremely painful, but I have to push through and get this switch to finish up.

I felt something press against my head. “Don’t move demon.” It was Austin, son of a bitch. And there’s no way for us stop this switch either.

“Austin…now is not the time, ugh…”my voice came out of Nori as I could feel my hair shortening and by what I can see with my bangs that were retracting and turning into my own our hair was lightening up from Nori’s raven black hair to my blonde hair.

“What?” He said sounding really confused.

I have to try to get away from him to finish this switch. I concentrated and managed to get us to teleport more so into the woods. I heard a poof and Yun was in his human form and by my side, “Son of a bitch this hurts.” I groaned as I was able to finish the switch. I couldn’t hold myself up though and I laid on the ground in pain. Everything was burning and my lungs felt like they were on fire with every breath that I took it feels like they will explode.

“Master Noel,” Yun said and moved my head onto his lap.

“Don’t move…” It was Austin again. “Give me two good reasons why I shouldn’t exorcise you right now.”

“One, I’m your roommate and I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to just randomly disappear two, I can tell you stuff about demons you probably don’t know about, and three I can explain why Yun looks like a human.” I said quickly, “I gave you three reasons and now please don’t make a scene.”

I locked eyes with Austin. “Please, Austin,” I begged and clutched my shoulder. The toxin has slowed down, but I could still feel it.

He sighed in frustration and his staff that he was holding close to Yun’s head and it retracted and strangely enough turned into a ring. But I was bonded with a demon, and Eevie can use magic so it’s not that much different really if an exorcist can use some form of magic as well, “You turn back into a cotton fluff now.” He pointed at Yun as he came closer to us.

“It’s cotton puff thank you very much.” Yun’s mint green eyes glared at Austin through his white hair as he looked up at him where he was sitting. I could feel the tension from Yun, he was willing to do anything to protect Nori and myself in the state that we’re in right now.

“Yun, just do what he says, we really don’t have a choice,” I said and Yun did what I said after helping me sit up. He gave me a look telling me if anything goes wrong that in an instant he would be back in this form and get me out of there. Then he turned back into his little blue cotton ball form and floated close by me.

Austin pulled something out of his pants pocket. It was a little, yellow vial and he pulled the cork off of it. “What is that?” I asked a bit of panic in my voice.

“It’ll make the pain go away faster, just take it.” He said and shoved the tip of the vial in my mouth, tipped my head back to make whatever this liquid is to slide down into the back of my throat and made me swallow.

I started coughing, “What was that, it’s disgusting.” I said wiping my mouth.

“I’m not answering that question,” Austin said sitting down in front of me and crossed his arms over his chest.

He was right, though, the pain was going away, “Okay…” I sat there in front of him and took a deep breath, “What can I do to make you not say anything to anyone? And not be upset about this?”

“I don’t know, maybe the fact that oh I don’t know my roommate is a demon couldn’t possibly throw you off in the slightest.” He glared at me. His gold eyes felt like they were trying to dig into my mind and see what was up there.

“Okay first off, I am not a demon and second of all you kept the exorcist thing away from me so you have no room to talk.” I shot back at him. Okay well, I don’t really know what I am anymore considering that I can use a couple of Nori’s abilities. Would that just make me a special human?

He sighed, “Fair enough, but I think that fluff ball…”

“Cotton puff.” Yun corrected in his high squeaky voice.

“Shut it.” Austin glared at Yun.

“Child, I can make you stop talking in an instant, don’t tell me to shut it.” Yun protested getting in his face.

I sighed and grabbed Yun, a small poof exploded from my hand and Yun was in his little human form as held onto him, “Continue Austin.”

“As I was saying, I think Yun shedding all over the room and keeping him in the room makes up for me not telling you about the exorcist thing.” He mentioned.

“Austin, not all demons are bad. Just like I’ve told you before. And you can’t say a word about this or use your exorcism stuff on me or Yun or Nori.” Right now all he knows about it Nori, it’s best to keep Eevee and Elena out of this for as long as I can.

“So you go by an allice in your demon form.” He rose an eyebrow at me.

I sighed once more and scratched my head with my free hand. ‘Just go with it. I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to know about bondings.’

“Look is it a deal or not?” I asked him and held out my hand. He looked at it, then back up at me. Austin reached his hand out and took my hand.

“I can’t believe I’m making a deal with a demon.” He groaned as we shook hands.

"Well, it could be worse.” I shrugged with a small smile.

“I could exorcise you.” He squeezed my hand a bit more and pulled me closer so my face was inches away from his. “You do anything or go on anyone’s radar and I’ll personally see to it I’m the one that exorcises you, got it?” His breath brushed against my face as he gave me his warning.

I nodded quickly and he let go of my hand. I sat back in my spot and silence fell between us, “How are you feeling?” I asked Nori.

‘I’m feeling better; my healing has closed up the bullet wound. It went straight through so I don’t have to worry about getting it out. But it’s going to take some time for the toxin to wear off.’ Nori answered.

“Um…thank you…for whatever that stuff you made me drink was…it helped.” I said to Austin looking down at Yun who was very grumpy in my hand. I couldn’t tell if he was upset that I was just threatened or because of the fact that I was holding him.

“Considering it worked it means that you’re not a full demon. If you were it wouldn’t have worked at all and the anise that was in your system would have given you a very painful night. There wasn’t enough on that bullet to kill a demon like you, it’s meant for small demons.” Austin explained.

“So what does that mean? Can I not turn into my demon form for a while then?” I asked Austin just curious.

“I wouldn’t advise it,” Austin answered and scratched the back of his head. “Are you able to stand?”

I finally let go of Yun and placed him on my shoulder. “I believe so.” I nodded and even though I was a bit wobbly I was able to stand.

“Good, go back to the room.” I rose an eyebrow at him.

“You’re seriously telling me to go back to the room?” I asked him looking down at him slightly.

“Yes, because whichever one of the exorcists that shot you in your demon form are more than likely going to be looking for you. Now, I’m going to walk back with you to the room. Just to be safe.” He sighed and put his hands in his pockets. “You’ve gotten taller by the way.” He said and started to walk away from me.

“Wait…what?” I asked confused and put my hand on top of my head and realized that Austin was still walking, “H-Hey wait up!” I called after him and picked up the pace. Though I feel really dizzy from jogging to catch up to him, but I didn’t want to be left behind.