Two nobel's are in an arranged marriage and decide that the only way out of this blind arranged marriage is to join Hidden University and bond with a human. ON top of their responsibilities and dangers that they face being bonded will they still have to go through the marriage and their human counter parts have to be forced to fall for each other?

Chapter 3: A New Friend, A New Flirty Buddy

♢Noel♢ The nice warm day made it perfect to be moving in. The breeze that was coming into the room was also warm, but it still slightly cooled the room. I could tell that we were getting close to the end of August with this heat. ...

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Chapter 2: New School, Second Chance

Elena "I'm doing well, Grandma. I'm settling into my new room just fine," I assured her over the phone. I paced over to the window and glanced down at the hordes of new students unload...

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Chapter 1: It's a New Adventure; It's an Escape

♢Noel♢ I got out of the back seat of the car as we were down at the Hidden University Gym. This was my second time being here, but this time I was here because I’m actually going to be going here for school, not just for a visit t...

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