you should train in your spare time after building your fortress train your body and train with your weapon because no one wants to be out of breath while running from zombies and besides if you are in good shape if a zombie grabs you you can rip it's head off......

now lets talk fortresses

Your best bet is a place that you are familiar with for example if it is a stage one or two out break your home is the best bet because you know all exits and emergency escape routes but if you have to abandon your house or fortress you should have friends if you plan to travel to a place that is more than two miles away (especially on foot) When you sleep take shifts on guard duty and no fires if you turn on a flash light go military style(use a thick tarp to cover the light) if you do travel pack at least a gallon of water for each person when you see zombies don't go off killing by yourself notify a friend and use your Melee it is quieter and in some cases more deadly

The 4 stages of out break

Stage 1 is the most common small area usually in rural areas contained easily and quickly usually becomes cleaned by the Feds as though nothing has happened. The 2nd stage is usually medium size and may take a day minimum and four at the max most of the survivors are paid off and the areas infected are under lockdown it is usually coded as a jail break or a hostage situation and that is all you hear abot it.[Break]The 3rd stage is usually the infection that is rarely seen and is quite hard to cover up dispatch of the dead may take up to a month and the quarintine another week this is one helll of an invasion and may be in a 10 mile radius.The fourth and final stage is the Extinction of most human life governments go into hiding and nations crumble the only military left is either deserters or they are protecting their head of state.

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Or If you have Questions comments or concerns about the semi real invasion it is all welcomed.DOWN WITH THE UNDEAD UP WITH THE SURVIVORS.

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