what if your not at your house???

Well if you find yourself in this situation you should go get friends and loved ones and get to a place you know where everything is and if that is out of the question at the moment well you could fight your way out but not the smartest idea so just wait it out for now

Preparedness can't kill you but it could make you a zombie

No matter how safe you think you are or how impregnible your fortress is it doesnt hurt to have emergencey transport kits ready in the kits should be enough supplies for a few days and a transport vehicle (I recomend a tank) if you are not prepared to run it could cost you a heavy toll your life more later gotta go

Okay people lets talk supplies

You CANNOT go out side with a heavy machine gun and some water and beef jerky and think you can travel well that is a good idea if you want to be Zombie bait if you travel more than a half mile from your fortress make sure you that someone ese goes to watch your back and vice versa use some walkie talkies that have at least a two mile range if you are trying to find a base camp because your old one is not live able (lets hope this is not the case)or you just need a temporary base to go hunt the undead (make sure you have more 4 people or more with you so you can sleep in shifts (two sleep two on guard) each person must have at least 6 gallons of water or more if you do bring this much you might want to use a car this will be easier on your feet.

Its real this video is NOT fake

watch and hope they don't come

If Bush wants to help why shouldn't we???

Bush supports our work lets support him