The harsher the climate the safer

this is true in most situations because if you want to be left alone because most people don't have the brains (or the guts) to go into the wilds and build a base because they don't realize the farther away from civilization you are in this situation the better if you build a base in Antarctica you will encounter no people because this climate is so hard the going will be tough if you set up base down here but it will keep you alive if any zombies make it to your new shore which isn't likely will be frozen after some time because the snow will keep building until the flesh bags freeze then they can be dealt with in one of the more fun ways of dispatching them because they are frozen they can be broken all you need to do is take a small well equipped scouting party and send them on the outskirts of the perimeter if they find any zombies they just drive by on snowmobile's and shatter their heads with their melee weapon of choice ( I prefer a titanium crowbar). That is all for this post fellow zombie slayers check back next time I may have something new for you if not just stay alive.

Off shore fortresses

Granted this is a good idea finding a little known island and setting up base there for these reasons #1. Zombies are few and far between in the middle of the ocean granted there may be a few stragglers that manage to make to your island fort since zombies don;t breath they will follow you under water they can walk under the water for a few days but are thankfully to stupid to swim so the only way they can get to the surface is by floating up and that can happen when zombies become water logged (like a piece of warped wood) then they can pull you off the side of a boat while its anchored down. Back to the main topic having your stronghold on an island is hard to get started but once it gets running they usually flourish because due to the good climate you can grow all kinds of fruit which can be a main source of food until the infection has cleared out. The one down side to this is most people have probably thought about this before you and may have inhabited the island as their own. My next post will elaborate on this.


Its dark the zombies around your fortress lie in a decapitated heap you are low on ammo you HAVE to go get supplies. This is something that is bound to happen sooner or later you have just had a well spent night taking the barins out of zombie skulls(Its fun) you are low on ammo and food and you now have to leave the security of your (hopefully) well fortified base. Sure you may have a few cars you may have jacked trying to get from point A to B you can drive but gas has probably been drained in the local area by now so if you rlucky yo have a hybrid and if you were smart and stockpiled before the infestation you may have a bicicle generator(it runs on man power) then you have power for the hybrid. You can always travel on foot its not like the zombies can catch you unless you are over packed, if you travel on foot travel in a group sleep in shifts and take guard duty and shifts.Don't light fires just because you can't see the zombies doesn't mean they can't see the fire you started (zombies can see a cigarette ash from half a mile) you have to be careful when traveling but its do able the going is tough but its vital. Keep on goin Death to the Zombies!!!!!!


I amy or may not have covered this before but training may be vital to your survival at some times. Lets face it most of us aren't in the epidome of health we could use some work(I am Chubby and I could use some work to) but we as americans indulge in fast foods from time to time but this will have to change when zombies are trying to rip out you innards and slurp on them like spaghetti(to Graphic?) you will need all of your training to combine if you are stuck in a swarm of undead and zombies trying to munch on your skull like a piece of steak and you are unarmed you may only have one chance at killing it (or them if your luck stinks) breaking their skull like a freakin egg it sounds hard but in reality well its hard but not not impossible it can be done and if you tarined and are stuck in this situation( for your sake lets hope not) you will be gald you trained. Well thats all for now slayers of the undead I will get back to you later until then heed these words Ya gotta get em in the head.

"I am alive and here to help survivors"

In post apocaliptiya you may or may not hear this heartfelt message depending on where you are if you are a traveler(That takes guts) in this zombie ridden world you should not heed these callls unless you have backup sometimes they are ex military that either want to Help or kill you people do crazy things in crazy times for that matter but beware friends this may be a guy or girl that snapped and is stockpiling supplies from survivors. There are bad people in the pre(before)-apocolyptic and Post(After)-apocolyptic worlds. Being strranded in a fortress by yourself can and may drive you up the wall on the ceiling and then over the edge.