Yes a car is good and it can run over more zombies than you can count but there are two problems one is Gas two is noise now a hybrid can fix this problem quite easily but the thing you have to worry about is whether to use gas or electric. If you have to travel a long distance for meds or maybe you have friends on the west side that have a good fortifications either way a hybrid is your best bet if you had a bicycle generator you could charge it when you reach a safe zone but if you plan on inner-city travel than honestly don't listen to the zombie survival guide they tell you to use a bike yea that may work if you know there are no zombies in the vicinity and you also have to take into the factor of if you could really pedal a few miles to get away from the shambling undead People sometimes you can listen to me but remember the best thing to do is trust your instincts I can't cover every situation for you so it's up to you to do what you think is necessary. Stay alive stay healthy live long and prosper.


A subject I haven't thoroughly covered in any of my recent posts This is one all of you should now about. Yes zombies are dumb yes they are stupid one thing they are not is sensible a zombie could spend days clawing at a well fortified barricade trying to get at food(i.e. you) If you are smart and make barricdes in tight areas where there is large outbreaks you can have a DUI quarentine for the infection and just sit there and take potshots at the fleshbags if you want don't try this with a large scale outbreak unless you have a fricking army behind you because any zombie within two miles hears that gunshot and the first thing to go through that rotting gray matter in their skull is "Hey there might be food there."

I have found a new ally in the outbreak war

They are called ZAPT they don't except outside members but they do have a Myspace page its Zapt_STUD. Stud is the weapons team of Zapt these guys are armed to the teeth with shotguns and semi and fully automatic assault rifles they are well equipped and I have alredy contacted them and I am still waiting for a reply. For those of you planning a convoy To the get the H E double hockeysticks out of your town me and a group of my friends are heading to the springfield armory to get ammo and supplies if you do link up with us make sure you brought extra ammo and gas because we are scouting out the cities we pass through after springfield for any survivors or extra ammo(cause you can never have enough) remember stay quite stay ready and stay safe. I am signing off for now but if you need help remember springfield.

I am back

No I wasn't eaten by zombies if that is what you were thinking I just couldn't find a computer but enough of that. Well not many things to type about zombies this week nothing new on the news there was a report in russia about a police helicopter getting images on a thermal a few months back I think I posted it check it out. Now about ammo conserve it sure if you are held up in a gun shop go crazy take pot shots with an AK-47 I don't care but if you are on the run save your ammo firing your gun does one thing it brings more of the flesh bags to you. Thats all I can give for now try and stay alive.

What attracts zombies??

There are a few things that attract them loud noises seem to be a big attention getter for the horde so no air horns car alarms WILL attract them any loud noise that can be heard for at least to miles brings them in faster than you can start to pick them off. Yelling only attracts those that are in the immediate area so feel free to yell when they swarm from the car alarm now don't take it the wrong way you won't have an army of them on your door step just a handful just enough to waste a clip on so beware of loud noises remember silence is your frend usually.....