The zombie survival guide

Yes, the title of this book is the whole reason I started this eradication HQ because that guide honestly doesn't have the best info. There are some scenarios that are helpful. One part of the book that angered me was when they tell you whee you can and cannot say. The stakes in a zombie infested world are high but if you would rather kill the flesh bags in your hometown go and do it. You know the area you grew up there(probably) and it is your home I would leave my hometown after it has been overrun not before. This book says to stay out of urban settings I just shut the book there and put it up if you know the surrounding landscape go ahead and sweep the place. What I am getting at is just because some guy writes a book about z-day doesn't mean he is an expert. Hell you can think that about me if you want but remember people I do this to help not to hurt, it's your choice though.

Refresher course

I usually set a lot of my scenarios in a level 4 outbreak which is basically zombie apocalypse but remember there are lower cases one and two are the norm three if the outbreak isn't controlled I think the only way a level four could possibly happen is a large amount of level three outbreaks breaking border lines and getting into clean countries.

Not all ex-military are still the good guys

most ex-military become the modern day vikings ravage, pillage, steal your beer, burn your town, slaughter your children kind. these guys may hold a facade of good intentions guard duty they'll do it, perimeter sweep they are on it until you wake up and realize half your foods gone and your ammo boxes are empty. Don't fall for it folks keep a close eye on them. One way I found to tell the good from the bad is how they introduce themselves do they give you their rank and position? if so good that means they may still be in the military or what is left of it. What you have to understand is when society crumbles some people will rise up and help others while some will lose all morals and leave you to die in the middle of nowhere. Keep this stuff in mind and use common sense and keep your wits about you, if you survive find me I am on the east coast.

Bad info

Some people are sneaky by nature others take to survive in the post apocalyptic zombie world some people will give you bad info just so they can take your stuff once you have been ravaged by the shambling undead.

Bad info

Info in post apocalypse is something you may expect many people think only of themselves and nothing more granted that isn't always the case some people are still good others not so much