I need you to comment

Not constantly just every now and then I need to know how I can improve your and the general populations chance for survival.

Make sure it's dead

Zombie is charging towards you and all you have is a shotgun you wait for the fleshbag to get closer and then BANG! zombie intestines hit the floor and it drops you start to walk away. STOP right there you took it's stomach in a few seconds that meat bag is going to turn you into a manwich, so heed this crucial advice "double tap" you think it's dead wellll on more slug to the face shouldn't hurt. That fellow zombie hunters is a word of wisdom for the week stay alive and for god sakes make sure it's dead. More next week stay alive stay safe

Urban sweeps

Unless local or you have a team that is led by locals don't sweep large urban districts unless you know every inch of area you are sweeping if you can find maitinance guys that work for the city even better the more you know about the area the better chances of clearing the area of undead. Cities are good when you know how to work the terrain if you have a means of silent travel at a high vantage (rooftops) use it don't go zombie stomping through the streets yelling orders. Learn military hand signals keep vocal communication minimum especially when in zombie infested areas if one hears you they all will. If you see a pile of dead zombies at a baricade you probably found a fortress with a well-trained sniper at the top. and for the love of the lord almighty don't try to sneak in you'll probably be killed once you get into that fence, your best bet is to walk away until daybreak and try to make contact if you want to.

Have fun in life even after Z-day

Just because you are surviving and fighting hoards of undead day after day doesn't mean you have to be all serious all the time. If you want a laugh, joke around with your zombies. Personally I like to keep score of how many flesh-bags I kill (173 and counting) or you can compete to see who had the best kill of the day. Just because the world has turned to S@#* doesn't mean you can't keep laughing. P.S. if you can kill a zombie with a potato gun message me cause you beat my kill(it involved a carrot and two rolls of duct tape). Stay alive folks later

Search & Destroy

I use the term sweep because "hunting" usually means waiting for prey. While search and destroy means you find them. As I stated earlier Search where you feel familiar not in a remote setting miles from home I would rather hunt in a place I know where I can tell you where everything is day or night. Hunt where you feel comfortable and familiar. Make sure the team of S&D er's (search and destroyers) have killed there fair share of zombies.(more later they are at the door) stay safe stay smart.