visit to england's place's museum

so today on a whim i thought i would go to england's place to a museum of art *in order to take pictures of portraits for austria*
on my way there i came across the italian-french street, there was an amazing shop that hand made crepe's and they where the best i've tasted! on the italian half of the street i bought a book on italian recipies since my goulash isn't the best i've eaten.
at the museum i was surprised, they had alot of veniziano's work, alot of china's work, some of japan's work, none of austria's work but they did have a display of instruments hanging from the ceiling, they even had some of ''old fritz's'' boxes that prussia is so fond of! they had a bit of germany's art and pottery, alot of veniziano and romano's pottery, some of greeces, alot of china's, some of korea's, a fair amount of spain's, russia's miniature portraits of his tsar's and some of that jerk turkey's. they also had some art from the ottoman empire time period *grrrr*

i was surprised that england had so many things from everyone! i was very surprised that prussia's favourite boss' stuff was there, and in the audio description it said `
''the boxes you can see here are some of the most costly objects in the entire gilbert collection. they are also the most lavishly decorated, with gold and precious stones-including huge diamonds- making them impossible to ignore''
i took a picture of the writing but i currently cannot find my camera cable to put that picture up on here, or to upload the pictures of the boxes since i know that prussia would appreciate it since he loved that old guy.


so true story, today i went into london to the victoria and albert museum, complete true story (minus the bit about taking pictures for austria) the pancakes i ate where AWESOME! if you ever go to london and go to the victoria and albert museum take a look around one of the side streets for that crepe shop. it was like heaven!