More about me! :D

This is just some information about me so everyone can understand me better, since I don't think anyone knows me well. ^^; The little monsters are my buddies! X3

1. Name: Ceara Kirkland
a. ~ Her Irish name translates into ‘Fiery Red’. Her last name she ‘inherited’ from her brother.
2. Nation/State: Ireland
3. Birthday: 12/6 (Creation of the Irish Free State)
4. Personality: Ceara is very happy-go-lucky and very kind, however she can be very stubborn. She likes to help others and will do so with all her heart. The only time you need to watch out is if you make her angry, in which she will start to go on a large rant (usually until she has to stop to breathe). She can be considered bipolar although her kind side is the more commonly-seen side, since it is hard to make her angry. She only gets mad when someone insults her friends or if someone says that fairies (or other mythical creatures) aren’t real. When she is upset, she has a habit of locking herself up in her room and hiding under the covers until her mood passes (or else she’ll want to start punching things). She likes music (particularly Celtic music) and dancing and is very creative. When she is bored, she has a tendency to start doing random things without any explanation (singing/humming random tunes that make no sense, scribbling weird doodles on paper, etc.). She usually comes up with ideas spontaneously and doesn’t need any inspiration to do so, although when she is inspired, her ideas can be quite strange. (And like Arthur, she can also see mythical creatures.)
5. Physical Descriptions In the front her hair is rather straight, but as you observe her towards the back, the ginger locks flip into multiple directions and no matter what she does, it just stays that way. She has two curly strands that stick up on the top of her head, one being slightly longer than the other. Her eyes are an emerald green that starts to turn a darker shade when angry. When she’s happy, her eyes get to be a lighter green. Her skin is a light peach color that carries little to no blemishes, making it appear to be flawless. She has a small scar on her arm from the fight with her ‘brother’(Irish War of Independence) that she doesn’t like to talk about nor show. She is about 5 feet 2 inches tall (she’s so short!). She weighs about 92 lbs, although she doesn’t like to talk about her weight, even if she doesn’t weigh that much.
6. Relationships/History: **Important: When she young, Arthur took care of her, although it didn’t always go too well. The two were stubborn, and they were always known for having pointless arguments. And they weren't arguments over important issues; they were just fights about house chores, which were far from what Ceara wanted to do. When she felt she was old enough to leave, she fought against him with all she had (Irish Independence War) and moved out of his house under the pretense that she did not want to have anything to do with him anymore. Arthur eventually accepted this, even though he didn’t feel she was ready to leave and be on her own. One day, when she got severely sick (Irish Civil War), she began to contemplate whether or not she should have moved out from her ‘brother’s’ house. She still holds a sibling love for her brother, but they still tend to get into their little squabbles and she denies her feelings if she is ever asked about them.
7. Other: Cooking: Ceara likes to cook and unlike her brother, she does a good job of it. Her specialty is Boxty, a traditional Irish dish made with potatoes and other ingredients. She loves to cook any type of food though, and is open to trying new foods from other nations. She eats very well, meaning she’ll eat pretty much any type of food without much (if any) complaint. She does, however, favor Italian, German, and French foods over others.
8. Likes: Ceara loves flowers of all kinds and doesn’t have a favorite type. As a hobby, she loves to plant flowers and take care of them. She also loves animals and if she ever finds a stray pet on the street, she will take care of it until she can find it a good home. Ceara’s friends are very important to her and she will protect them at all costs, even if it means that she will be hurt in the process. Green is her favorite color, as it reminds her of the earth. She’s very good at story-telling and loves telling stories about Irish legends. She also loves to research legends and stories from other nations and then share them with others. Another hobby that Ceara has is teaching. She’s not very good with math, but is very good with music, science, and any other subject. Ceara loves helping out others no matter how trivial the problem is. She feels that if she helps someone, then that means that she accomplished something meaningful. She adores rainy days because they allow her to snuggle up at home with a blanket and cup of tea next to the fire with a book. She also likes warm days because it allows her to care for her flowers. She isn’t a huge drinker of alcohol, even though she can handle it very well, and only drinks sparingly.
9. Dislikes: Ceara hates windy days because they mess up her hair and tend to mess up her small garden of flowers. She also hates false accusations and lying because she hates when someone feels wrongly treated just because someone else felt like dumping their problems and consequences on others. When people cry, Ceara feels much like crying herself. She is very sympathetic with others and will often feel the same way as they do. She loathes being forced to do something she doesn’t like to do because she’d rather be going around planting flowers and hanging out with her friends than doing chores. When someone makes messes around her, she feels the need to clean it up and often hates doing so when it occurs far too often. When people complain too much about insignificant things, she usually has to walk away, otherwise she gets extremely irritated.
10. Traits: kind, loyal, hard working, intelligent, sometimes an airhead, hyper, bubbly, optimistic

I hope that this helps for you guys to understand her.
This was hand drawn (like...over 5 months ago O_O) but I colored it on photoshop CS3...The little monsters that are around her are from Doodle Jump (an addicting game for the itouch/iphone). They did a world cup edition and the monsters were just so adorable so I had to draw her with them. If anybody would like their country drawn with their own doodle jump flag monster plz let me know. ^^ I'll be doing chibis only. PM me or leave a comment if you'd like one.