Grü� dich~

Yo, I'm Switzerland and as long as you stay away form Liech-chan we'll get maybe not even then. >_>

<3 saving money, buying weapons and spending time with Liechtenstein
</3 trespassers, countries that threaten my neutrality,and ppl that attempt to talk to or befriend Liechtenstein.

a picture of me
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I hope we can all get along. *cocks gun*


LOL so like I totally suck at RP-ing~ you'll all have to excuse me.
Vash is my fave Hetalia character right next to Lily, so It'll be so much fun RP-ing him. ^^ I'm actually very excited to be a part of this group, cuz most of my friends aren't big Hetalia fans like I am so it's awesome to finally be part of a Hetalia family!~ I hope we can all get along and have fun!