Welcome to the Rules section! Please read this before registering ^^

~ When rolepaying, please stay in character while posting! If you must add a sidenote as yourself, separate it with a dash or italicize it. Also, add a signature at the end so that we know which character is posting!

~ For this world, you HAVE to pick a character that's in Hetalia canon. To know the complete list of characters in hetalia, go here and pick one that is not already filled. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone but it gets really confusing with the OC's because we don't always know the relationship between the characters.

~ To get all updates, you must either subscribe to me (belletoile) or bookmark the world and check back often. Subscribing to someone who's a guest poster here won't work because for some reason the Otaku only notifies people who subscribes to me (because it's my world I guess?).

~ Hetalia is meant to poke fun at countries and stereotype its people. However, it is not allowed to insult any country or any culture in this world. There is a difference between funny and plain rude. You will be removed after 1 warning if this occurs.

~ You don't have to post every single day. But commenting/posting every once in a while is required. If you are inactive for 3 months, you will be removed (unless you let me know beforehand).

~ There will be a point system for posting. Every certain number of posts, you'll move up 1 level:

5 posts: •
10 posts: ••
15 posts: •••
20 posts: ♥

For now, it'll be 20 posts but I'll add more later on. Also, there will be prizes if you reach certain levels. These prizes will be a surprise.

~ And finally, have fun in our Hetalia family!


1. Do I have to roleplay?
~ You don't have to roleplay if you don't want to. You can contribute in other ways by posting Hetalia news, pictures, videos, etc.

Please comment here with any questions! I'll add them to this section for everyone to see ^^