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The basic purpose of this world is to gather as many Hetalia fans out there on the Otaku in one world! We mainly roleplaying here with each member as one country. We also share pictures and other Hetalia related media. Please join us in conquering the world the international fun!

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prussia's beer song

as it was revealed by france that i drink more alcohol than germany and prussia i thought i should show that prussia is more obsessed with it then i am! *opens beer can and gulps it down*
Look at this song!

see! he's worse than i am!

Soul Eater+Hetalia

Hey! ^^

I found this vid and I was flown away!

i got bored :D

hakuna matata, i see lots of children at everyplace i visit watching this so i thought i would find one in lots of languages and show everyone it :3
i approve!

Ten most drunk countries

I found this somewhere on the internet and I can't say I'm surprised with my spot on the list :)



good day people! after last night's surprising eurovision results i felt that i needed to report back to you about it.
i enjoyed the person sweden chose to sing for him, i think the boy he chose will go far in the world. i believe his name is eric saade, very gorgeous i must say.
finland's representative was also adorable, just as expected from that cute guy!
mr austria's representative was a lovely woman.
a big thank you to germany and prussia for hosting us in dusseldorf!
i watched england getting excited when he thought he would win, pahahah! ireland did better, those boys with their hair where entertaining!
strangely denmark's representatives' main singer copied the little irish lads' hair, very odd!
and good effort to switzerland! better luck next year!
estonia had a charming singer aswell, she was lovely!
france had an interesting tenor, germany double competed, moldova had some garden gnomes....italy came back after 14 years! italia we missed you!