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The basic purpose of this world is to gather as many Hetalia fans out there on the Otaku in one world! We mainly roleplaying here with each member as one country. We also share pictures and other Hetalia related media. Please join us in conquering the world the international fun!

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Happy birthday canada!(...who?)

so i heard it is canada's birthday today, not that i know who canada is, i think he's a relative of america's, buuut anyway! i think we should all give him a big happy birthday hug!

[APH] World's End Dancehall

Ciao~ Japan and England already finished their duet for a vocaloid cover~
I'm feeling really awesome today... veveveve, I'm very generous to give you a video copy of their training.

veveve, I managed to make a copy of the music too~

psst... don't tell Japan and England about this (=7= )৩/

England's voice just made my day. lol

~Marukaite Chikyuu~

I don't know if this was already posted, but just in case, here it is! It's so awesome, da-ze! >:D

~S. Korea


Like I said, I don't know if this was already posted. I discovered this video a while ago and decided to share it.

I'm visiting my family in Korea right now, which is why I was absent. DX

But I'm watching Hetalia videos.

In Korea. I'm like, a rebel. XD

HetaOni Anybody?~Nihon

I really like these videos^^

Caution: Spoilers, if you haven't watched up to the latest video! So if you haven't seen this but want to, you probably don't want to watch this yet^^'



Wow England. And I thought I was a bad cook!


Oh, and this is my first time here! I would like to say hello!