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Welcome to the Hetalia Family!

The basic purpose of this world is to gather as many Hetalia fans out there on the Otaku in one world! We mainly roleplaying here with each member as one country. We also share pictures and other Hetalia related media. Please join us in conquering the world the international fun!

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Awesome video that I don't know what parody it is of...

Lame title, huh? I don't know, really. XD I thought Naruto but then I was like... *STUPID* If you know what the original is, please let me know!


Mochi!America, Mochi!Italy, Mochi!Canada MMD

Haha I'm mobile and it let me do the URL shortcut! >:D Thumbs up for 4G iPod Touch! Anyways, this video features Mochi!America, Mochi!N. Italy (or just Italy, for now on. I always call S. Italy "Romano"), and Mochi!Canada<3 waving their flags to "Levan Polka". Hehehe... (: It's an MMD, just so you know. The title is "Hetalia 【APヘタリア】 もちもちもち配布 【MMD】米・加・伊" if you wanted to know. I'm too lazy to translate it. *waves hand lazily* Way too lazy... Need to clean my room before S. Korea comes over to work on an animation project for media class tomorrow... One more video...


Mochi Family

I was doing this at school. ilove mochi and when i saw mochiamerica it gave me the idea to do te sme with all the other countrys sorry if im missing you but i couldnt fit much more so yeah.

Battle of the Allied and the Nordics

External Image
I just happened to see this on zerochan and thought of posting it for some activeness 8> Allied vs. Nordics!


External Image

Look who was awesome to come here!!!
That's right! I am SEALAND!!! The most epic and awesome nation in the world!Well, becoming the most awesome nation anyway...
England, I know you are hiding here! I know it must be hard to take my greatness, but don't hide it!!! Afterall.....

Everyone can bow before me, the future king! However unlike England, I will give you freedom to do what you want. IGGY will be my slave!


But other than that, I hope to find more friends here, exept England! ¬¬

~Sealand desu~yo


I am going to miss being the DR. Oh well. ^^;
I'm sorry if I sounded a bit rude there. Playing SEaland should be fun. He's so cute! >///< And just to clear the slate, I love England! ^^ USUK even more > <
Picture don't belong to me found it here: