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Welcome to the Hetalia Family!

The basic purpose of this world is to gather as many Hetalia fans out there on the Otaku in one world! We mainly roleplaying here with each member as one country. We also share pictures and other Hetalia related media. Please join us in conquering the world the international fun!

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Hufflepuff Group

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Haha! There's a lot more! >:D


Gryffindor Group

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The Gryffindor Hetalia group! :D I'm pretty sure there's more than the two I found... But I'm not 100% sure. Isn't this cute?! (:


Norge is fun to hug

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right up until he or his troll beat me up....

'Ay you guys ; 7 ;
sorry I'm not on as much as I should, with school and other stuff I've been busy (what's new.../sobbu)

I'm Korea >:U

Neeeeee~! I'm Korea, and I've stolen Ace of Hearts's account to remind you all that YOU ALL ORIGINATE FROM MEH!!!! GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyways... *voice trails off, looking in Japan's and China's general direction suggestively, wanders off*

Short attention span much? I'm so much bette.... *voice trails off, looks at Korea violating his brothers and picks up a camera*

World Hetalia!!

Watch, how our countries live!!!! >___< Especially West Europe ^__^ They are so closely there. And Russia is so big, so he looks anlone

From zerochan ---> ^___^

Find yourself there!

And lastly I want you to watch the official video of "Euro 2012 in Ukraine" <3
Enjoy ^__~