Secret Santa 2022 Wishlist

Hey-Ho! Here's this year's wishlist!

Fire Emblem:

Hilda x Claude (FE16)
Linhardt and Edelgard (FE16) (Can be a ship or just friends)
Shigure and his mom, Azura (FE14)
Girl and boy Corrin planting a tree (FE14)
Micaiah and Yune (FE10) (Yune can be in bird form or girl form)
Vika (FE10)
Almedha (FE10) (She can be with her husband Ashnard and/or her son Soren)
Micaiah, Sothe, Leonardo, Nolan, and Edward (FE10)

Final Fantasy 7:

Cloud with either: Yuffie, Claudia (His mommy),Sephiroth (Please make them goofy buddies not enemies), and/or Rufus (You can draw them canonly, where they're not exactly friends, or you can draw Cloud being an annoying friend while Rufus is the straight man)
Jessie and Rufus (She's probably flirtily bothering him)
Leslie x Merle (You never really get a good look at her in game so I'd suggest you just look at my art of Merle for reference)


Palutena (Kid Icarus)
Zoya, Pontius, and Amadeus (Trine)
Waka and Amaterasu (Okami)

If there are any girls who are scantily clad please improvise more clothes for them. Also, nothing racy!

Some of the Fire Emblem Three Houses characters have grown up versions but you can do the older or younger versions of any of them.

Also, a note on Cloud, You can draw his Advent Children form, his Remake and Original designs or as a kid. But I don't want Infantry Man or Wall Market designs. Thanks!

Well, I hope you have fun drawing, Santa! Merry Christmas and God bless!!