Anime Cliches, Pt. 1

Okay, before I begin (so people won’t start spamming me with comments saying “Well I know of the anime ____ that doesn’t have that cliché!”), not all animes have clichés, that’s why they’re clichés *gasp*. Rather, these are things I’ve found that most of the animes I’ve watched contain. Some also apply to various video games, but not all. I hope you enjoy.

1. Unless drawn in a shojo style (and sometimes then you’re not even safe), the woman’s boobs are twice the size of her head, no I lied; three times the size.

2. The less clothes a character wears, the stronger they are.

3. Heroes and heroines suddenly gain the ability to wield weapons two times their own body weight (and still keep a scrawny physique)!

4. If there’s a love triangle, the girl will never end up with the guy she initially likes.

5. If you have a long lost brother or father, chances are they’re the bad guy.

6. Death is of no consequence, they’ll be back in twenty episodes.

7. Band aids fix everything. Period.

8. There’s always someone stronger.

9. Angst characters always get fangirls, no matter how annoying they may be.

10. If the character is from a rich family, the character’s parents are immediately assholes.

11. Just when the time is right, the love interest will get amnesia (through an unforeseen accident) and forget about you. Tough luck.

12. The heroine always goes for the most popular guy in school, and gets him.

13. Just by cutting your hair, you girls too can look just like a boy and no one will ever know!

14. In a fantasy environment, the main character will more than likely have no parents.

15. PSSH, who cares if you’re as old as my daughter? I trust you to save the world!

16. Glasses=incredibly smart.

17. I’ve only met you once, hell, I don’t even know you’re name, but I think you look like a nice guy to date!

18. Stalking is always acceptable in the name of love.

19. And now for a limited time, you can buy your very bottle of aqua blue hair dye! Just 19.99 plus shipping and handling!

20. A character can have a giant hole in their stomach and still move around like he just got scratched.

21. Cream+Maid outfits=Maids serving cake, what were you thinking?

22. The shorter a character is, the more they feel the need to compensate with a loud voice.

23. The older sibling will almost always over shadow the younger, thus putting the younger sibling in an emo like state of being.

24. Men are and will always be perverts. ‘Nuff said.

25. Women will never get pregnant, no matter how many times they’ve done it.

26. Manwhores=A-Okay! Sluts=Eww….

27. …?! Is now a form of dialogue!

28. Everyone and their mother have a sixth sense.

29. The hero will always choose to save one person rather than save the whole world, which in the end could possibly kill them both anyways.

30. If the ending sucks, no problem! We’ll just make a movie that makes you even more confused!

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of any right now. Feel free to add to the list, I’m sure I’ll get a kick out of it!