Yep, dusty world is dusty *wipes clean* Long time no talk, people. How's it going for you? I know it's not been a very pink world for me *chuckles* Between trying to redeem myself and getting back into the hang of being a soul reaper, my life's been a barrel full of 'fun'. Sense the sarcasm.

I'm sorry I can't keep up with posting regularly here, but hey, that's life, it has a habit of getting in the way of things *grins* Anything new with me? I'm afraid the answer to that is no, I'm the same old same old two-sided trickster and everyone's favorite creeper, Gin Ichimaru! I acquired a new nickname on the Proboards during the Halloween festivities a while ago. Rulebreaker. I liked it so much I kept it *smirks*

On another order of business. I AM LACKING FANS! No one is talking to me anymore and that makes Gin very saaaaaaaaaaaad. You're excluded, Kira, love <3 Seriously? Why is no one talking to me anymore? Gin pouts when he sees that opening his inbox after months there is no message from his fans *pouts*

Bet you're tired of seeing my fox mug everywhere so instead of giving y'all a picture of me, Imma smack you with some cute <3 Here ya go, don't go catching diabetes from the sweetness now *winks*

by w0lle on deviantArt
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Until next time,
ze Fox~