These things seem to find me....

Well, here goes...

Eye Color: Blue, not red, BLUE
Hair Color: Silver
Height: 1.85m / 6'1"
Favorite Color: Scarlet
Screen Name: my real name, Gin Ichimaru *grins* why hide anything?
Favorite Show: Bleach, ain't it ironic? *laughs*
Your Car: No use for that, we have a lot of gates to use
Your Hometown: Rukongai
Your Present Town: Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Your First Crush's Name: Ain't you a curious one?
Your Grade: Shino Academy graduate, former Lieutenant of 5th Division under Aizen Taicho and former captain of the 3rd Division, presently everyone's favorite traitor *grins*


Sat on your rooftop? Why yes, I have.
Kissed someone in the rain? Maybe...
Danced in a public place? Yes, I have. Enjoyed it too.
Smiled for no reason? Oh yes, it creeps people out *grins*
Laughed so hard you cried? Definitely
Peed your pants after age 8? No.
Written a song? Yes.
Sang to someone for no reason? Yes.
Performed on a stage? That's a secret *grins*
Talked to someone you don't know? Oh yes, scared them too.
Gone out of your way to befriend someone? Hmm, not really.
Made out in a theater? Hmm, that's a good idea...
Been in love? *grins* Take a guess.

Say HI to you? Our Janitor, Suki-san
Tell you, I love you? Curiosity killed the cat *smirks*
Kiss you? I get a lot of those from my fans, I can't remember *chuckles* possibly Lady Kira
Hug you? I believe Lady Kita
Tell you BYE? Kita again
Write you a note? Lady Karmira, and it was a pleasant note indeed
Take your photo? hmmm *scratches head*
Buy you something? Myself
Write a poem about you? Not about me but which I relate to, Lady Karmira
Touch you? Wonderweiss *shudders* odd kid

Time you cried? Wasn't this question in the last tag as well?
Time you laughed? Today
Song you've sang? Anima Rossa by Porno Graffiti
Time you've looked at the clock? 10:23
Drink you've had? Vanilla tea
Book you've read? Greatest Ghost Stories
Food you've eaten? Spaghetti
Shoes you've worn? Sandals, as usual
Store you've been in? Construction store, Hitsugaya wanted to redecorate
Thing you've said? Bye bye

Write with both hands? Occasionally
Whistle? Yes
Roll your tongue in a circle? Why would I want to do that? Go ask Nnoitra, he seems to love doin' it
Cross your eyes? I can but I don't
Touch your tongue to your nose? Ask me that when you'll see me with a spoon as a coat collar
Dance? Why yes, and I'm very good at it too *grins*
Stay up a whole night without sleep? Even three
Speak a different language? I have a few
Impersonate someone? You're talking to the master *grins*
Make a card pyramid? Yes, and I love to tease Aaroniero with it. His two heads can't decide what direction to put the card in *snickers*
Cook anything? Oh yes.

If I were a ... loyal Soulreaper I'd do exactly the same things I do now.
I wish ... Aizen-san would let me have some fun.
So many people don't know that ... I don't share my secrets *grins*
I am ... a charming little fox-faced traitor *smiles*
My heart is ... where it should be.

Whew, glad that's over...