Get out while ya can *grins*

Dyana was working on the usual paperwork, writing in fast draft, only stopping from time to time to ink her pen. Sheet after sheet ran under her hand then to the right side of the desk. She wanted to finish in time for an appointment in the real world.
The door opened. She turned her head and saw Gin walk through and close the door after himself. He walked over to her desk.

Dyana: Gin-sama, you’re back early. I only have a bit more and I’ll be done *tries to turn back to writing*

Gin: *pulls the sheet from her, resting it on top of the undone stack* That’s enough fer today *grins*

Dyana: *confused expression* But I’m not done yet.

Gin: Ya are for today. And a few days from now too. Consider it a small vacation *smirks*

Dyana: *raises an eyebrow* I don’t think I wanna know why…but I’m gonna accept that. You’ve been overworking me lately anyway. I told you I should get extra payment *folds arms*

Gin: Ya’d better accept it *chuckles*

Dyana: And if I were to come see Kita?

Gin: Then ya might lose more than yer time *sly grin*

Dyana: *gulps* I’m gonna take that advice. I hope there won’t be a mound of paperwork in here when I come back.

Gin: Don’t worry, there won’t be anyone to produce it. Now get out before I throw ya out.

Dyana: Humph, is that a way to treat the one that’s keeping your head above the paperwork?

Gin: That’s exactly why. I don’t want the trouble of gettin’ a new assistant jus’ because my other one was reckless enough to get herself killed.

Dyana: *smiles gently*

Gin: What are ya smiling fer?

Dyana: Oh nothing. I think I’ll spare you the misery of looking for a fast writer that’s comfortable around Arrancars and Shinigami *walks to the door*

Gin: Don’t let me catch ya in here for a few days. It’s gonna get messy *grins*

Dyana: *chuckles* Alright. I’ll be back. Goodbye, Lord Gin. *bows and leaves*

Gin: Now for the real fun to begin *grins and walks out the door* Let’s see what our little intruders are capable of…