April fools *wide grin*

Heya, everyone *grins and waves as he walks in with a list* This is gonna be a short post, I'll explain why after a short recap *grins* Let's see here...

Sneaked in while Nnoitra was sleeping and scissored his spoon into a fork...check

Put scratching powder in Starrk's bed...check

Cut Szayel's power supply...check

Glued Grimmjow's door shut while he was still in...check

Shaved Barragan's beard...check

Dropped a bucket of black paint on Aaroniero's tank...check

Put pepper into Zommari's eye drops...check

Dyed Yammy's hair pink...check

Not doing anything to Ulquiorra, Aizen-san either...The ladies are being spared as well...let's see, did I miss anyone? If not I guess that wraps it up. *folds his list* Now, the reason this was supposed to be a short post (although it wasn't) was the fact that I'm leavin' fer a week. I wouldn't have dared do it otherwise *grins* My assistant will drop by to check for land mines or other traps from my above victims in my absence. Otherwise...see ya in a week *grins and waves* Have a nice Easter now.

Happy April Fools my dear Espada friends *grins evilly as he grabs his suitcase and bolts out*