Busy, busy, busy...

Heya, it's me again *grins ad waves*

How've y'all been going? I hope well, I don't like to see sad faces. Well, unless they're my victims, although those tend to be more furious and angry over sad. But anyway, I'm sorry for not bein' around my tower too much. I've barely got to step in here with all the work I had to do. And when I come back, what do I find? A huge pile of paperwork! *spreads arms before mound of paper* Seriously, we have no trees, where the hell is all this paper coming from?! *thinks a bit* On second thought, I'm not sure I want to know where Aizen-san gets it *shudders* But he sure likes throwing it at me though *sighs* My assistant came in here the other day. She opened the door and said I have to pay her extra for that. No wonder *looks up at mound* She left to get more pens and a paper shredder.
On another subject, I'm bored outta my mind! Nothin' to do around the place since Aizen-san told me to play nice with the Espadas *pouts and mumbles to self* Does he wanna kill ALL my fun? It's enough I don't get to kill anythin' in Las Noches... But it's gonna get interesting pretty soon *grins* I have itchy sword fingers *snickers* We'll just have to wait and see what happens, ne? See ya *grins and waves* Stick around for the fun *winks*