Hello hello

Heya *grins and waves* How y'all doing, hmm? I hope good, I don't wanna see frowny faces on someone other than my victims *rubs palms* Hope ya didn't miss me too much. I'm back now anyway *smiles* Las Noches has been pretty borin' lately. No one to pull stunts on (well, there are but as a wise friend of mine said I might get lynched pretty soon if I did it) so I've found myself in a search for new victims. I'd kinda get chased if I went to Soul Society *scratches head* so I though the Human World is full of activity. And where there's activity, something's bound to go wrong, ne? *malicious grin* And they also make good tea down there, with water that is NOT secretly produced by Aizen-san (see post below). Anyway, pranking humans is way more fun that Espadas or Soulreapers, they die more easily *snickers* Ah, the sweet smell of chaos in the morning, gotta love it *winks* Good thing I've got my fans or else I'd be going mad in here *sighs* I even found myself going to places I hadn't even imagined I'd go to, but let's skip the details.

Although my boredom is gonna end pretty soon *grins* We've got some brand new members joinin' our ranks and as I understood, Aizen-san has a little plan up his sleeve which might be interesting *ponders* Now I have to decide whether to go pull somethin' or take out one of my fans, hmmm, pretty hard...*ponders* Ah well, if ya wanna reach me I'm just a PM away *smiles* See y'all later, bye bye! *grins and waves*

Ah! And before I go, I wanna share a card I found with ya:

Remember to have fun, especially at the expense of others *grins and sneaks out*