Hell was full...so I'm back

Heya, I'm back *grins* Missed y'all, how've ya been doin', hmm? Somehow I hoped that when I came back from this mission, the paperwork would lighten up. Wrong. Anyway, while I keep busy, I have somethin' fun fer ya ladies *smiles* Thanks to our dear Lady Luna's efforts, we have a thing called the Proboards. Here ya can chat with yer favorite character, visit his room in his very own personal realm or if he's a host ya can stop by the Dorms. All ya have to do is register and yer good to go. Ain't it fun? *grins* The site's right here, come on in *waves over*

On another subject, since I haven't been gettin' any airtime lately I thought ya ladies might enjoy these.

Have fun now *waves* Bye Bye!