Hiya *grins* How ya doin'?
*a mound of paperwork tumbles on him* Oh, not again! *pushes mound away* This is gettin' annoying! All this paperwork is buildin' up and I can't finish it in time! How on earth does my assistant keep these reduced to a stack of five to six sheets?! And I can't find her anywhere! Maybe Kita knows anythin', but I'll have to ask her when I get back. No time now, gotta go on a mission Aizen-san is sendin' me and Nel-san on. But before I leave I gotta get back at that feline of ours for the prank he pulled on me. One good prank deserves another, no? *grins* Besides, after the stunt he pulled my ankles have started hurtin'. I go *step*ouch*step*ouch all day. So I went to a store and got this *grins widely* Glass cotton. I will be right back *sneaks out of room*
*comes back*
Sprinkled it all over his bed and on his spare clothes. Wait till he touches that thing, he'll be in severe pain, good thing I won't be around by the time he is *grins* Have fun rolling around the ground in pain, ya flee-bitten alley cat *waves* Gotta go and find Nel-san and then I'll be off. Don't miss me too much, ladies, I don't wanna see broken hearts when I come back, k? *smiles*

Bye Bye! *waves and walks out*