The purpose of a purposeless mission

Hello again, my dear fans. Excuse me for a moment *turns and coughs his lungs out* Sorry 'bout that. I think I might've come down with a serious flu. Hope that fleabag Grimmjow didn't give me cat flu or I'll shave his head. On the other hand, it might be due to that stupid mission I got sent on.Aizen-san decided to send me and Stark-san to find our little blind mouse, Kaname-san. I mean I do appreciate bein' sent out instead of lyin' around but this one was really useless. And I had to *cough* drag lazy Stark-san with me. He kept complainin' we are takin' too much and he wants to get some sleep. Good thing Lilynette was there to shut 'im up or else I would've went mad. One can't smile forever. Tossing asside the trip, it ended up bein' useless since we couldn't find Kaname anywhere. I think we might have turned over every store and looked down every rat hole an' still nothin'! To add to all this the day after that I woke up feelin' miserable with a sky-high temperature and with throat pains. Now when I say all I can do is smile it's really true cause it hurts so much I can barely speak. In moments like these one is glad to be able to rely on his fans to get him a nice tea. Having fans is good for your health *grins* I'm going to be late to my Arrancar Encyclopedia rehearsal at this rate *crawls out of bed*
Fan: Do you need anything, Gin-sama?
No, dear, I'm fine *coughs* who am I kiddin'?
*crawls into the bathroom to change*
I'll see y'all later when I get better. Bye Bye *anemic wave*