Heh, I guess ya found me in here too, huh? Well, since you're here I might as well take my time and talk to you. After all I have to give you credit for reaching this place. So, what may I help you with? Don't be shy and speak up, I don't bite *smiles* But the snakes sure do.

Stick around. Have a laugh. But watch your step *grins*

Fun time

After a fun session of Truth or Dare with my fellow Soul Reapers/Espadas/Humans involvin' a lot of comic moments (makin' Yammy do the caramell dance, gettin' kissed/slapped and so on *snickers*) everyone left and the fun went poof! So I was left wonderin' what to do for fun next. And I found just the idea *grins* I tiptoed my way out of Las Noches and into the real world, I went to a convenience store and got some floor wax. Ya can guess what I did with it *grins* the hall outside is so shiny now *rubs palms* And now I'm waiting for some unfortunate bastards to pass the hall *snickers* As some of the Espadas have noticed, Soul Society is gettin' more and more followers, and attention to boot. Are ya really gonna let them get away with it? *grins* *turns to audience* I love provokin' 'em *snickers*
*background crash* WHO THE HELL DID THIS?! SHOW YOUR FACE!!
There goes Yammy, one down *grins* Anyway, since there's not much to do around here except paperwork and sleep (which some seem to do more than the first) I started searchin' around Las Noches for interesting things. Ya know they say curiosity killed the cat? Well I found it *shudders* Aizen-san should really control Szayel-san's experiments.
*thump* Ow. Well, this is...odd.
Lilynette: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*turns over shoulder* I should've put a camera on the hallway. Ah well *shruggs* Found another room that was so dark I couldn't see my fingers in front of my face. If the architect of this place was as sane as Szayel or Mayuri I really don't wanna explore this place *shudders*
*slippery squeal* Yaaaaaaay! Look, look, I'm sliding!
*peeks outside* Was that Nel-san?
*turns head and sees Grimmjow picking himself off the floor*
Grimmjow: YOU F***ING BASTARD! YOU DID THIS! YOU'RE GONNA PAY! *charges cero*
Uh oh, I think it's about time I scrammed *grins* or else I'm gonna get mauled.
*Gin laughs and runs away*
Bye Bye!


Gin was standing on the balcony looking out to the peaceful...almost too peaceful Las Noches night. There was a chilly breeze coming in. Gin heard the door to his room open and he turned. Dyana had walked in through the door in her white uniform with a tray of tea and cookies.
'Good evening, Gin-sama' Dyana said with a short bow. 'I brought you some tea and snacks.'
'Thank you, Dyana' Gin said bowing his head. 'How was school today, hmm?' he asked looking out to Hueco Mundo.
'Good, I guess. Kinda boring though' Dyana said.
'Well dontcha just stand there, come out here, it's a lovely night' Gin said as Dyana walked out on the balcony.
Gin pulled a chair for her and she sat down.
'Ya know, even though it's always night here, every night is different than the one before it' Gin said. 'I can tell. And I can also tell somethin' is botherin' ya' he added turning to look at her.
'Wow, you're good at this stuff, Gin-sama. And here I thought I could mask it. Not from you I guess. When did you notice?' Dyana said with a slight chuckle.
'Ever since ya opened the door' Grin said with a grin. 'Now what's troublin' ya? Did any of those darn Espadas pick on ya?'
'No, no, it's nothing like that. It's something minor really' Dyana said.
'Oh? Now ya made me curious.'
'It's something really insignificant, I don't even think it's worth mentioning since it's just a silly rumor.'
'What rumor?' Gin asked looking interested.
'I don't think I should tell' Dyana said in a reluctant tone.
'Well, if I don't hear it how can I confirm it or dismiss it?' Gin said.
Dyana looked surprised at him.
'You know a lot more than you let show, don't you, Gin-sama?'
'My dear, I know everything that walks, crawls, lives and breathes here in Las Noches' Gin said with one of his foxy grins. 'You wouldn't believe the things I know and tamper with. What's this rumor about?'
'Well, I haven't really got a lot of it since I'm in the human realm most of the times but I've heard that there's something going on between a human woman and an Espada here. And honestly I don't know what to think about it. I mean between Espadas or Arrancars is one thing, but with a human? That just goes against all the rules!'
Gin grinned and turned facing the outside.
'You know something, don't you?' Dyana said.
Gin turned smirking to her.
'More than ya think.'
'And won't you do anything about it? I mean if this is confirmed there will be a riot here and it won't end well for the Espada in question! He could be in serious trouble!' she fretted.
'Yes' she said lowering her eyes and quieting down.
'Why are ya so concerned? If that certain Espada decided to do this then it's his responsibility. Ya don't see anyone concernin' themselves for our wellbeing, traitors of our own kind' Gin said with a grin.
'But it's different...'
'Is it? Is it not gettin' sidetracked and betrayin' yer objective?' Gin said walking closer.
'You know who it is, don't you, Gin-sama?' she said with a sad look.
'Of course I do. And it's a matter of time before the others will as well. But I'm not troubling my mind with this and neither should you. Just watching the course of events is boring unless ya throw in a little spice' he grinned then turned back to the sky.
'But who is it?'
'My dear, ya just have to look at the signs, and ya'll figure it out on yer own' Gin grinned lifting her head with his index finger. 'Everyone is doin' the same thing. It wouldn't be fair to give ya a head start now would it?'
'You're right. I shouldn't ask things that don't concern me' Dyana said standing up. 'I'm sorry if I was disrespectful, Gin-sama' she added bowing her head.
'Oh but my dear, I didn't forbid ya to look, I just told ya to try to find out on yer own. It's more fun that way' he grinned. 'Now off ya go, I'm sure ya have business in the human world' he said with a smile.
'But don't you need me here?'
'Well ya already did everything ya possibly could. The place is so clean and orderly I'm afraid to live in it' Gin said.
Dyana chuckled. 'If you say so. Good night, Gin-sama.'
'Good night to ya too' Gin smiled as Dyana walked out.
He then turned back to the balcony, resting his elbows on the banister with a wicked smile.
'Now I wonder who'll be the first one to figure it out' he grinned.

Very quiet

Know what I noticed the other day? It's way too quiet in here *rubs chin* And I wonder why. Nobody's here and when they are most of them aren't doin' anythin'. Grimmy-san stops by every once in a while so I've got no one to tease and make fun of, Ulquiorra-san is no fun, Starrk falls asleep through the whole thing, and as for the others I barely see 'em around (except the ladies, I don't make fun of 'em, except Kita-san from time to time *grins*). Since I was so bored I decided to do some researching for my Arrancar Encyclopedia. Found some pretty neat stuff *grins* some of which not so pleasant for the Espadas. Even found some of Aizen-san but shhhh! *looks around left and right then whispers* ya don't want me getting kicked out now would ya? *winks* Grimmy-san would love to have me kicked out though *ponders* too bad it ain't gonna happen *snickers* but he might if he pisses Kaname-san off *rubs palms* I don't like the situation, how can I exhibit my genius if there's no idio--I mean companion to humilia--I mean talk with? So after having a tea with Dyana (she makes an excellent tea, even Aizen-san likes it) I went around for a walk. Managed to put a little fear into the hearts of the unwary (good ol' fashion psychological torment *grins*). Being me is so much fun when ya have who to tease *grins* After playin' a bit of guitar (it's a western instrument for those idiots who don't have any idea) I went back to my research. I found a lot of interesting things *snickers* and the best one yet (well maybe not the best but it'll still give ya a laugh) is this:

And now I have to run cause I'm probably gonna get chased by Kitty-san for this *snickers* Bye Bye!


Hello there *waves* It's me again *smiles. How y'all doin' today? It's a fine morning here in Las Noches and I thought I'd give ya a small update. Due to some unwanted incident I have decided to get an assistant, namely Kita's friend, Dyana. Come on and introduce yerself, darlin'.
Dyana: Good morning, pleased to meet everyone *bows*
Yer such a polite little thing, aren't ya? I think we'll get along just fine *smiles*
Dyana: Lord Gin?
Yes, what is it?
Dyana: I have noticed your paperwork is a bit disorganized. May I have permission to take care of it?
Why of course, do as ya please.
*Dyana walks over to the desk and starts putting things in order*
*turns to audience* This might be a better Idea than I thought *smiles* See ya around, bye bye!

Just thinking...

Ya know, sittin' around Las Noches is pretty uninteresting. Not having any missions lately made me get a big dose of boredom. Now even Grimmy-san took off *sigh* I gotta find someone else to tease, I wonder who will be my next victim *grins* But sittin' around doing nothing all day also makes me think about things while looking out the window. It's the same here as it was in Soul Society. Nothing's really changed. Now we don't have Shinigamis but Arrancars, but there's no difference. I can toy with them all the same if I want too. You can find the same individuals, only with different appearance. The blank ones are the most of them, they just live their lives like they're blindfolded, not having nor purpose nor destination, just wandering around aimlessly. Those don't even deserve to live. Then there are the brawlers, that always want to pick a fight, they'll do it anywhere, with anyone, for any reason. Unfortunately those are the ones that go down first, burying themselves and their aggression along with them. Then there are the leaders. You recognize them as soon as they open their mouths. But there are two types of leaders, like I like to call them, the kings and the puppeteers. The puppeteers are the ones controlling everyone around them without their victims ever realizing they're irremediably caught in the strings with no escape. The kings are the ones that lead from the light. They're the ones that are able to motivate the masses with just their presence, strong, brave and virtuous. But even the kings can fall into the strings of the puppeteer. There are the jokers, the scientists, the ones no one understands, the brave, the coward, the strong, the weak, the old ones and the young ones, the ones who think they are strong, the ones who really are, the whole shebang! What makes the difference between what we're fighting for and what they're fighting for? We're basically doin' the same thing only from different angles: trying to impose our ways. And if we win, then what? It will fall into an endless circle because sooner or later someone will rise up and do the same thing we did, only this time we'll be on the other side of the barricade. It will go on again and again until the end of time. Because there's no such things as peace, because humans are by far the most self-centered creatures on earth. And Arrancars are the same. So I'm just thinking...when will it end?

P.S. Based on the comments of this thing I'll choose my next victim *grins*

Bye Bye!