Heh, I guess ya found me in here too, huh? Well, since you're here I might as well take my time and talk to you. After all I have to give you credit for reaching this place. So, what may I help you with? Don't be shy and speak up, I don't bite *smiles* But the snakes sure do.

Stick around. Have a laugh. But watch your step *grins*

Hey there

Heya *grins and waves* Missed me? I hope so, cause I missed y'all. Been bored outta my mind in here...but eh, I've found occupation tampering with the zoo animals--I mean Espada. *clears throat* Anyway, I found this little guy chewin' my sandals *holds up hamster* Must be Szayel's, I do remember catching a whole box of these critters chewing my paperwork...not that I minded really. I caught them easy, they seem to like me *puts hamster on head* Don't chew my hair, you. I might be out again soon...Though I must find time to train my assistant as well, hmmm *ponders* Anyway, here's a little picture of what I do in my free time *grins* Enjoy...

Guess who's back?

Well, how y'all doin'? Missed me? Don't answer that, I just know ya did *grins* Now, I've just came back from my mission...*drops luggage on the floor and throws away Hawaii shirt and straw hat*...and I am very pleased to see the place is clean and shiny...No paperwork, no dust, no mess whatsoever! My, my, I sure didn't expect this when I had my other assistant around...*gets shoe thrown at him* Oi! That hurt! *rubs head* Don't damage my genius, damn it! Now *clears throat* as I was sayin' before I was so rudely interrupted...*whips head, glaring in one direction and gets another shoe thrown at* Ha! You missed! *gets a tomato in his face* Blast it...I'll get you for this...*wipes away* I'll have to reward my lovely assistant Suki for makin' this miracle possible. Let's see, I know I had one somewhere in here...*searches haori* Here it is! Oh, Suki! I got a Twix bar for ya! Hmm, she must be away cleanin' the halls after Szayel *shudders* I'm definitely not glad to be back at the zoo again... And speaking of zoos, I have a bone to pick with one particular beast. But before I do that, how about a little humiliation? *grins evilly*

External Image

Poor bastard, he's really havin' a hard time gettin' money for cat food *shakes head* But now...*rolls sleeves* I have to find 'im to pay 'im a few *snickers* Messin' with my assistant and lover are ya? Oh, before I go! I might be returnin' to the SSLN News, so stick around, will ya? *winks* Bye bye *waves and grins* Come 'ere, Grimm-cat! *cracks knuckles and walks off*

Saving Suki pt. 2

Gin left Aizen’s tower as he wandered the corridors, following that faint trace of spirit aura whose source he wanted to find. And sure enough, as he turned the corner, there she was, cleaning the halls. The little janitor he had been looking for. Stepping silently, he walked closer.
Suki was bent over working diligently, breathing hard, not quite aware of anything around her but the task she was about.
Gin stepped even closer, keeping silent as he approached even more. "Suki" he called out, a few feet away from her.
The little janitor jumped at the sound of Lord Ichimaru's voice. She turned around quickly bowing to show her respect. "Hello Lord Ichimaru! Nice to see you."
"Will ya come over here for a sec? I wanna talk to ya about something" he said, his usual grin on his face as he waited for her to come closer.
Unsuspecting of anything unusual, Suki complied humbly and immediately dropped her work. "Of course!" she chirped as she almost skipped to where he stood.
Gin bent down close to her ear as he rested his hand on her shoulder. "Sorry if this will hurt" he whispered as he unsheathed his sword in a split second and ran it through her heart, flooding her spirit body with his reiatsu.
Her eyes widened as she felt the shock of pain through her body. Suki's body began to illuminate as the powerful reiatsu filtered through her every appendage. No cries of pain came from her, as Suki barely realized what Lord Ichimaru had just done.
Gin retracted his blade as Suki's eye started to go blank. The girl started falling towards the ground as Gin caught her. The black soulreaper uniform was a sign on success as he smiled. "Don't ya die now" he said, picking up the girl as he disappeared into the corridors with her.
Little Suki's glasses fell to the floor, limp and unconscious she was lost somewhere inside herself. Listening to the echoing voice in her mind.
Gin sat her on the bed as he took a seat on a nearby chair and waited for her to wake up once more.
Suki's mind asked her, “Are you dead? Did that last link burn away?" Suki answered herself, "No, this feels different." Unable to move, her eyes fluttered open and Suki now stared at the ceiling of the unfamiliar room.
"I see you're finally awake. Sooner than I thought too" Gin said, sitting with his arms folded on the chair next to the bed.
She stared at him, blinking wildly, and searching for a hole somewhere in her chest. Confused, she asked the smiling Gin, "What just h-happened?"
"I turned ya into a soulreaper" he said, a pleased expression on his face. "How does it feel?"
Suki froze. "I'm a soul.... reaper." she thought. "I feel dead, and yet alive. I feel as if my regret has been cleansed," little Suki said calmly.
"That's how souls feel after being cleansed. Welcome to our world" Gin grinned.
Suddenly, Suki was able to move more freely and sat up, frightened. She pleaded, panicked, "You aren't going to turn me over to those Shinigami from the Soul Society, are you? The Espada won't try and kill me now, will they?" she waited for an answer, heart pounding, expecting the worst...
"Unless they want their heads to hang, they won't" he grinned. "And why would I turn you in to Soul Society? They'd probably kill you anyway and I could've done that myself if that was what I wanted" Gin said, tilting his head slightly.
Trembling, she hung her head realizing Lord Ichimaru was not going to hurt her and how indebted she was to him for his kindness. "I'm sorry, I'm not used to people treating me as if I was worth something." As she looked down at the black Shinigami uniform she heard the word "murderer", and grabbed Gin's sleeve, "Thank you." She said, doing her best not to weep on her savior.
Gin rested his hand on her head, giving her hair a slight ruffle as he smiled. "Don't mention it" he said. "Although ya might wanna change yer uniform. Black brings back bad memories" he said, pointing to a set of white robes on the side of the bed. Sitting up, he walked to the door. "I'll be out when yer done" he smiled as he closed the door after him.
Suki watched the man who had just saved her sanity, saved her from a pathetic fate walk out the door. Easily distracted at her age, her attention was suddenly arrested by the new white clothes he had offered! Excitedly, Suki crawled over to the pile of garments, anxious to put the black ones behind her. In no time she was changed into her new clothes! She had been wearing her old clothes for so long she felt like a princess in the generous gift. Suki peeked out of the door in search of her master.
Hearing the door open, Gin turned his head over his shoulder, blue eyes open as he saw Suki come out. "Fits ya well, I see" he said, looking at her dressed in the white uniform.
"Yes! Thank you" she bowed. Then she danced in a circle watching her skirt flow around her, "I have never worn anything so beautiful!" Suki smiled just like she used to back in the World of the Living.
"I'm glad ya like it" he chuckled, watching the girl look so happy with her new attire. "But the new uniform comes with new responsibilities as well" he said.
She stopped twirling and gave Lord Ichimaru her full attention. "I am ready to carry out any order you give me. No matter how difficult, I will not give up until it is completed." Suki said with resolve to the kindest man dead or alive, she was not sure. Her whole being was at this moment dedicated to him always ready to remember what he had done for her.
"Good. Ya start tomorrow. For now get some rest. Ya'll need all the strength ya can gather" he said.
Suki realized how tired she really was. She yawned and turned towards the janitor's closet, "You are right. My shelf sounds really good right now. I'll see you in the morning..." she shuffled away.
Gin nodded, watching her walk away. "She lasted this long, with a bit of luck she'll do a good job from now on too" he smiled.


Innocent he says...doesn't know where I get my sources he says...well I'll show him *snickers evilly* THIS is fer makin' me promote 'em! Haha! ...

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People I don't like

Hello, Gin Ichimaru here *grins and waves* Something has caught my attention in a bad way very recently and I can’t let that pass that easily, now can I? *grins*

Now, to say what’s bothering me and get straight to the point…

Annoyance #1: People that can’t understand properly. Being the fact that here we can only communicate through the use of written words and the other person cannot tell what tone we are speaking in, some symbols were invented to compensate for that. For example, yelling/screaming is usually represented by WORDS IN CAPITALS sometimes followed by multiple exclamation marks!!!

Annoyance #2: People that can’t write properly. How is anyone supposed 2 understand wut u are saying if you aren’t able to use basic writing skills? Punctuation and phrasing also help the reader understand what you are actually trying to relay to him/her.

Annoyance #3: People that get offended extremely easily. This kind of people are really bothersome. I don’t want to meet people like this, they might get offended if I look at them or even breathe. If you take offense in plain affirmations I’d suggest you shut yourself in la-la land and keep your ‘rage’ for yourself. Society doesn’t want to be bothered with absurd reactions.

Annoyance #4: People that behave like street punks. It is considered that people are descendants of the primates but, apparently, some people haven’t descended all the way just yet. I believe that TheOtaku is a friendly community that hosts people, who don’t need to be threatened in order to understand. People here can understand good reason and respond with the same good will and politeness. But then the category I mentioned earlier steps in. If someone does something wrong, state the problem and expect an apology, no need for verbal aggression.

Annoyance #5: People that call on their friends to do something they are unable to or are too cowardly to. If you have a problem, state it, don’t go around every single person you know running for help. Reference here to the point above.

Now for some quick tips:
* If you’re writing a “hate PM” make sure you don’t laugh at your own jokes/”smart comebacks”, that just makes you pathetic.
* If you can’t see, get glasses. The little box that pops up when you click Comments is called a Comment box, not a chat window. Last time I checked there was such a thing called a Community chat here on TheOtaku.
* Last but not least, try to grow up.

Note: I do not care if/who I offend with this. It is my personal opinion. Deal with it. Don’t bother sending any “hate PMs” my way. I am not as good natured as my fellows; you will get instantly reported and blocked. Same goes for hateful comments; that’s why they invented the delete button.

Have a nice day *grins*