A Little Organization

Axel sat at the back of class, as usual. What was Chemistry to him? It didn’t matter. All the professor ever asked him was “Could you…?” and he’d click his fingers, and the fire would be lit beneath the beaker and the class would resume as if nothing had happened. Jessica in the front row would gaze lovingly at him whilst the professor droned on about Covalent Bonding, or Neutralisation or some such trivial matter. And of course, Zexion would poke him with a pencil and say, “Hey, pay attention!” and Axel would simply smirk and throw his head back, gazing at the ceiling and playing with his red spikes. He did love his hair… though it took forever to perfect every morning, and Lord knows how much wax he’d been through.

“How about Axel?” The professor’s voice rang through his thoughts and he looked to the front of the class, where Mr. Jacobson was stood in front of the board. “Well, Axel?” Axel turned his head slightly and glanced at Zexion, who pushed his blue hair out of his face and mouthed the words “Covalent Bonding.” Axel groaned and squinted at the board, making out the words OXYGEN and HYDROGEN in bright red ink. Thinking quickly, he stretched his arms out and smiled his award-winning smile. “Oxygen and Hydrogen react, sharing an electron and creating a Covalent Bond which makes them stable.”

Mr. Jacobson merely nodded and turned back to the board, writing down what Axel had said. As he came to the word “Which”, however, the bell rang, and everyone began packing their books away. Axel turned to watch Zexion as he began his ritual. “Book, Books, Three Books, Quill and Bag.” Zexion placed his books neatly on top of one another, his quill on top, and dropped them carefully into his bag, which made its way quickly to his back. “What’s with you?” Axel asked, as he threw his books randomly into his bag. Zexion merely smiled. “A little organization never goes amiss.”

Zexion clicked his fingers and smiled wildly. “Axel. I just had the most perfect idea.” Axel looked back in confusion, and Zexion placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling. “Master Xehanort will be pleased.” At this, Axel looked even more confused, but played along. “What, do you have an idea regarding the Heartless?” Zexion shook his head and smiled once more. “Oh no, it involves us. I have the most perfect plan. A little organization never goes amiss. Think about it! We could recruit people to our cause, use them to gather hearts, and find the heart of all worlds! Kingdom Hearts will be ours… with a little organization.”

Axel smiled as they walked through the crowded corridor. “There could be thirteen of us. All with an X in our name. Just think! We’d get work done so much faster with a small work force behind us!” Axel nodded and grabbed his cell phone, dialling the number 9 and calling. “Yes, X? It’s Axel. Zexion has a proposition for you, one we’re sure you’ll like. Yes, it was all his idea. No, I didn’t think of any of it. Okay, we’ll be back soon.” Zexion frowned slightly. “Sorry, Zex. We’re skipping class.” A look of sheer horror spread across Zexion’s pale features as he was dragged out into the sunlight of the football field. Axel clicked his fingers, and they were enveloped in darkness.

Master Xehanort loved the idea. Organization XIII was formed and many hearts were collected. Soon, the worlds would come to fear this name… All worlds would bow to their power. The universe would crumble… All thanks to a little Organization.