The Rose Of May

The Rose Of May

Beatrix gazed longingly out the window of Alexandria Castle. Steiner and the Knights of Pluto were making their rounds, making sure the castle was fully protected against intruders. Queen Garnet was sat on her bedside, her dress floating slightly with the open window’s warm breeze. “Are you alright, Beatrix?” Her regal voice wafted over, and Beatrix smiled as she leaned out the window. “Perfectly, your majesty.” Sighing softly, she traced her finger over the distant figure of Captain Steiner. “Perfectly.”

Steiner looked up briefly, and Beatrix smiled down at him, her hair flowing in the breeze. Steiner waved at her, and she stood back from the window, still smiling as she turned to face the Queen. “Captain Steiner is finishing his rounds. He will be with us momentarily.” Her Majesty nodded, and Beatrix began pacing the room slightly. “Whatever is the matter?” Beatrix sighed softly and smiled. “Between us ladies, your majesty… I believe I may have certain… feelings, for a certain Knight.” Her Majesty smiled. “This knight,” Beatrix continued, “Is wonderful, caring, strong, loving, kind, sweet, innocent, beautiful… And I don’t know why, exactly, but my heart leaps whenever I see his smile.”

Steiner entered the room, blushing wildly. “Y-y-your Majesty. The castle is secure.” He glanced at Beatrix for an instant before blushing more and turning once again to his Queen, who smiled at him with an air of grace. “Thank you, Steiner. Are the guests in their seats?” Steiner stammered and bowed slightly, leaving the room, and Beatrix began pacing once again. “Oh no, he heard, he overheard everything I said, what am I to do now, he’ll surely deny my love, a man like him doesn’t need a woman like myself, it’ll only-“ Queen Garnet held a hand up in silence, and Beatrix stopped, biting her lip. “Did you not see the colour of his face, Beatrix? Rest assured, his feelings are equal to yours.”

Steiner re-entered the room a few moments later, and bowed again. “The guests are seated and ready, your Highness.” Queen Garnet stood, nodding, and moved to adjust her hair slightly. “Allow me!” Steiner and Beatrix said in unison, both rushing forward to aid their Queen and placing a hand on her hair ornament at the same time. As Steiner’s soft skin touched her own, Beatrix’ stomach quivered and she leapt back, blushing deep scarlet. “G-g-go ahead, Captain.” She stammered, turning once again to the window. A few seconds later, she looked back. “We are ready.”

Her Majesty said, and began to walk out of the room. Steiner walked before her, and Beatrix followed, both blushing, but the fact was not noticed by any passers-by. They entered the Great Hall, and the Queen began addressing her people. Beatrix stole a glance to her love, biting her lip, before reverting her eyes toward the crowd, staring blankly ahead. Her mind reeled with unanswered questions, her heart fluttered at his presence, and she shook ever-so-slightly where she stood. A strong man, and a strong woman… the imperfect couple. She always expected her husband to be weak, the kind who would bow to her every whim, treat her like a goddess. Who would have thought her heart could be stolen by one stronger than herself?