Hello Everyone. I'm Keri.. My best friend is Meagan; and she's the most amazing girl you could ever meet. My sister is Sarah.. I play the clarinet.. I have a dog named MAX and he is the best dog you could ever have.. I like guitar hero, and I could play it all night.. I love hanging out with friends.. When i'm not hanging out with my friends, I'm at home either sleeping, doing homework, or texting everybody. LOL.. I like any form of music.. I'm myself I guess.. I'm a tomboy and I enjoy hunting, farming, practicing my clarinet, being with my dad's family, hanging out with Meagan, seeing my Maxxxy Poo and tae bo. lol My favorite colors are turquoise, lime green and orange. That'ssss me.



Hello Everyone. My name is Keri; and I'm completely new to this site. So my "posts" might look horrible for a while until I get settled in on this site. I hope you like my BEAUTIFUL background/layout made by my best friend Meagan. >.